Monday, September 21, 2015

Honmono Sushi @ Central World Shopping Centre [Bangkok]

The irony was heavy; i appeared to be having more food from the land of the rising sun rather than the land of smiles when i was in Bangkok! To think that Thai cuisine was in fact big business in Singapore; think Mookata, tom yum goong etc. 

Nevertheless, this shall be my 3rd and last Japanese meal on my 3rd day in Bangkok! Frankly, i couldn't quite remember why we decided on Honmono Sushi since there were quite a few other Japanese restaurants in the same complex.

Thank god for the bright lighting which made taking photos much easier. In my opinion, the control of lighting is key to taking better photos! 

Honmono means "real" in Japanese and the restaurant took pride in importing the freshest ingredients from the "Japanese Market"; which i assumed is in Japan? With that in mind, i guess it's fair to mention at this point that there's a price premium on their offerings! 

Some kind of snacks / appetisers that came free! The prawns had the crunch similar to those prawn crackers, albeit in its most natural form and flavour. Edamame beans were okay while the ikan-bilis-thingy was more like fish bone and was flavoured just nice without being overly salty. 

At 150 baht (S$6), this was expensive for such plain presentation! Dig further and be amazed by its inclusion of fish cake, mushrooms, thick chunks of fish and chicken and even a prawn! The chawanmushi guru, our dear Alex, was literally blown away! 

Tamago Ni
Imagine the shiokness as i picked up the sushi and dumped the whole thing in my mouth! This was good even though i used to have the impression that you could hardly go wrong with this sushi; wrong, i had a warm one that tasted absolutely off! 

California Maki
Its cold freshness hit the spot and this was one classic example on how each ingredient had amalgamated together to present that absolute tastiness! I couldn't even remember what those ingredients were as we happily devoured them in no time.

Gyu Don
I would order a gyu don whenever i see them on the menu, especially when most economically priced Japanese restaurants in Singapore don't seem to offer them!  

With reference to my favourite gyu don at Megumi Japanese restaurant, this was a major letdown! The rice was moisturised by the runny egg yolk, which was good, but the beef marination was a tad too bland in my opinion.  And why were there noodles?!?!? 

Honeydew Melon
I think this would likely be part of the otsunami since we didn't pay for this. Conveniently cut for ease of cutting, this was sweet; definitely my cup of tea.


7th Floor, Central World Shopping Centre,
Bangkok, Thailand

Otsunami - Free
Chawanmushi - 150 Thai Baht
Tamago Ni - 70 Thai Baht
California Maki - 350 Thai Baht
Gyu Don - 450 Thai Baht
Honeydew Melon - Free
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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