Tuesday, September 08, 2015

An Interesting Walk from Nana BTS Station to Asok BTS Station in the Evening @ Bangkok [Thailand]

As i have too many photographs to load for day two of the Bangkok trip, i decided to have a separate post on this short yet interesting walk that i made from Nana BTS Station to Asok BTS Station.

Note: there are two sides and the one i strongly recommend is starting from Exit 1 of Nana BTS station. Timing to consider: from 6.30pm. 

I was a bit too early and couldn't see much action although i believe the street would come alive when the skies darken. If i can already see quite a bit when it was still bright; the night scene would be even more daring right?! 

As you can see, stall owners were still in the midst of setting up. The setup and material used were really simple and the speed on how the operators managed to "build" the stall was quite an eye-opener! 

There were your usual brick and mortar businesses, including many tailors just like Rajawongse Clothier and other retail, hardly impressionable stores. 

The above was one of the few unique ones; lifelike animal statues for affluent houses! I have one at home too, a harmless looking 4-foot dalmatian! 

Makeshift stalls wise - i got a few glances from those that had already started business as i slowly made my way to Terminal 21 (next to Asok BTS station); your common Thai souvenirs, sunglasses etc. 

Here comes the interesting aspect even though i have only one blur photograph to show; i chanced upon at least three stalls selling sex toys and sex drugs! There's even one Caucasian couple who was bargaining with a peddler, drugs for chem fun! 

If you don't find the above paragraph interesting, that shows that i am really pure and innocent. Wahahahah; even i am blushing for this shameless declaration! 


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