Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Last of the September Baby in the Family - My Dad's Birthday!

This shall be the last birthday cake in 2015 for my immediate family! Although it was great to see the kids enjoying themselves, having three in one month is hazardous for the waistline!

Her new designation; candle placer. When i am getting old and frail, i must insist Jerald and Jovyn to be the birthday organisers; payback time for our effort.

It's dad's 63rd birthday! I didn't get him any present this time as i am going to sacrifice myself by accompanying him for a trip to China! Please pray for me; my father's nagging is legendary in the family...

A photo before starting the 4-version birthday song.

Plonking herself right behind the cake, you do wonder who was the one we were celebrating the birthday for! Jerald used to be like Jovyn until he grew out of it.

Sometimes in life, i do crave for the simple pleasures. For example, just give me a normal sponge-based fruit cake instead of the very expensive ice cream cake!

Dad recognised that the kids love birthdays; if the cakes were for us, he would likely grumble afterwards on matters like how fattening cakes are and how they are not worth the money. It's true, once parents turn into grandparent; their philosophy of managing kids tends to change, for better or for worse. 

Candles blowout time - thankfully for the 6 big candles and 3 small candles on the cake, Jovyn didn't have the lung capacity to blow out all of them at one go and left a few for Jerald, and of course, my father.

Cake cutting was pushed to the birthday boy though as they probably were under the assumption it would be another ice cream which is usually hard to slice through!

Nothing, i repeat, nothing beats a traditional cake as far as taste is concerned! Fruits were a bit sour even though i totally loved the texture of the buttery sponge with the yummy cream!

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