Sunday, September 06, 2015

Thai Dessert - Look & Tasted like Cheng Tng @ Siam Paragon Food Court [Bangkok]

Before my visit to the Land of Smiles a month ago, a few friends had strongly recommended that i checked out the food court at Siam Paragon! I did although i went for desserts instead. 

Honestly, i was all ready to try Thai desserts when i was at Sukhumvit Soi 38 food street but there were just too many things on the table that day. Moreover, i am usually worried of hygiene conditions when i am overseas and having a cold, water-based dish does seem a bit more risky in open-air places. 

With my nonexistent grasp of Thai language, i meekly pointed to the sample bowl that had the appearance of one of my favourite Singapore local desserts; cheng tng! After which would be choosing the ingredients; with so many selections (jelly, corns, winter melon, attap chee, red beans etc), i am literally overwhelmed and can totally sense the impatience in the staff's body language as i could not decide!

The broth had a nice longan flavour similar to cheng tng even though i was more impressed with the generosity of the "liao"! Why didn't we have something like this in Singapore?! 

It would probably be a hit given how much we like desserts served in the way like llaollao! 


Within Siam Paragon Food Court at basement.

As above

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