Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hit and Run Involving Only Vehicles (Thankfully)

While everyone in Singapore is likely to touch on the worsening haze (the last i read, primary and secondary schools would be closed tomorrow), i would like to share on a hit and run accident that happened right in front of me at a multi-storey carpark today. 

The culprit is the van shown in the above photo and the witnesses comprise of me, my mum and Alex. I was giving way to the van that was turning out from the parking lot and in his/her haste, the driver turned too soon; resulting in the bumper scraping the side of its 'neighbour'.

Thinking i would be punished with a longer wait, i was shocked to see the van moving off with not a care of what had just happened! Alex, being the kinder soul who couldn't stand any injustice, decided to paste a note on the victim's car, detailing what had happened with inclusion of his mobile number. 

See the paint that was scraped off and the dent on the car? That's exactly the same spot where it was hit by the van. There was even a piece of bumper that could act as evidence. 

You may check out the picture taken while we were waiting in line to exit the carpark; the arrow sign clearly shows a damaged bumper. Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a human search for the van's driver as the victim would file an insurance claim against the vehicle.

Frankly, there could be many reasons why the van driver didn't stop and sometimes, circumstances do bring out the worst in people. Nevertheless, it's good that no one is injured and it's best to let the insurance companies trash out the claims. 

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