Sunday, September 20, 2015

Buddy Menu with Lobster Porridge @ Orchid Live Seafood [Bah Soon Pah Road]

Stepping into Orchid Live Seafood at its Bah Soon Pah road branch feels like going back in time to the 1980s when such rustic setup was the norm and particularly for the three of us, with an average age of about 35 years old, it did evoke a sense of nostalgia! 

Okay, it wasn't the first visit for Alex and myself although our dear Alex wasn't too keen to join us as he didn't quite enjoy the signature lobster porridge (using live crustaceans if i may add) the last time he visited. Whatever the case, the other friend was excited about it!

Without wanting to squeeze our brain juice on what to order, we figured the buddy menu for three persons (with inclusion of the better known dishes in the restaurant) would be just nice for us. Let's review each item individually! 

Baby Kailan
Fresh and crunchy, i wondered if they were sourced from the horticulture farms right next door. Taste wise, it wasn't overwhelmingly flavourful although i would not go that direction for healthy greenies. 

Live Chilli Mussels
The sole disappointment for the entire buddy menu - not so much about the taste even though the chilli was too watery in the opinion; there were too little of the pulpy mussels! 

Steven Chicken
Every time this was served on the table, i would wonder in my mind if the chef should consider changing its presentation, which was just a few pathetic pieces of drumlets! 

However, never be too quick to discount it! It was seasoned extremely well and delicious enough to activate the addiction gene. With the flavourful batter stuck to the bones, i had to gnaw them like a dog (albeit gracefully) to make sure i clean them up! 

Lobster Porridge
Served in a humongous earthen pot, i knew this would be too much for the three of us, especially when Alex was known to be a small eater. 

It was still as good and as yummy as i remember! Alex weirdly thought this was much better than his last visit and was gushing about how delicious it was. For my past review, you may wish to refer to the blog post in 2012 which detailed my first visit to Orchid Live Seafood

There's only one feedback to the operator; let the lobsters continue to simmer in the pot as the meat would harden once you take them out! 

Ice Cream
To align with the rustic surroundings, what's better than serving you a stick of traditional potong ice cream! Do keep in mind that there's only red bean flavour (i think) so for those not into red beans, too bad. 

Frankly, this brand of potong ice cream was really good; there were chunks of red beans and it wasn't too sweet. Totally the style that mom enjoys! 


No 1, Bah Soon Pah Road,
Green Valley Farms
[Next to Khatib Camp]

As above

Call for Reservation


Buddy Menu (3-person) - S$118.00
Pickles - S$2.00 a serving
Towels - S$0.30 each

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