Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Kipungit Waterfall @ Sabah Poring Hot Spring [East Malaysia]

A decision must be made once we exited Canopy Walkway; turn right to the hot spring section where we can spend the rest of our time beautifying the largest human organ, or turn left.

With attractions like the bat cave and waterfalls, i guess our group decided it would be more exciting to venture beyond familiar ground and proceeded to snub the right and turn left.

Given that all my tour mates were younger than me, i wasn't surprised by their enthusiasm for the unknowns! Hey, i was young once before although age has not really quite mellowed my curiosity.

A sheltered hut where you can still decide to turn back; it's in fact a T-junction where you can continue ahead to the bat cave and waterfalls while the other two locked entrances led to prohibited areas for the rafflesia research centre.

Langanan Waterfall was about a 3-kilometer hike away and a few notices at the hut warned that for safety reason, visitors should not consider a visit after 2pm. Bet there have been incidents where one could not find their way back when night falls.

We were not that ambitious and doubt there was sufficient time anyway.

The hike was more like a stroll although the temperature was hardly any different from Singapore; I was sweating like a pig after a short while and sure wished i was at the cooler highlands!

It was the weekend but it sure didn't feel like it. Oh well, i generally hate crowded places as most photos i took would have too many heads bobbing around!

Exercise caution when you pass by this route and remember to rein in your hyperactive brats! This was the few moments i was thankful it had not been raining; if not, the ground would be muddy and extremely slipper!

Eight minutes across 400 meters (from Canopy Walkway) and you would find yourself at Kipungit Recreation Area; you could definitely make out the therapeutic sound of water in the not too far distance.

Looming right ahead of us was Kipungit Waterfall! 

The 10-12 meters tall water was a baby compared to the majestic Wulai Falls. However, whatever waterfall it might be, a natural fall would be better than all the man made waterfalls we have in Singapore! 

For a sweaty man, the one thing i should be looking forward to was to jump into the naturally cold water! I even brought along a spare change of clothes and towel for that purpose but i am shy lah!

Very inviting right?! Actually, aside from being shy about displaying my chubby body, i am hesitant when it comes to soaking in unknown freshwater... 

I did manage to soak my feet though when i lost my footing! The downstream was pretty good for photo taking; thanks to the few toppled trees which acted as natural props! 

Dozens of shots were taken, with blatant disregard for safety! And once we started, other visitors who turned up shortly also followed in our footsteps. 

Biding our goodbyes; there was supposed to be a washroom further down the stream which we didn't check out as we were worried it might take longer than expected and no one was in need of releasing any bodily waste. 

Pet peeve - why is there a need to carve words on trees?! My only hope for the carver was to have the same words inscribed on their most delicate skin, using a sharp blade. 

The walk back to the hot spring! 


Within Poring Hot Spring, 
Sabah, East Malaysia

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