Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lucy's Kitchen @ Imago KK Times Square [Kota Kinabalu]

When one is on unfamiliar grounds, one will check the surroundings and go along with the crowd; which was exactly what we did when we were in search of food at Kota Kinabalu's latest mall.

From the limited options available (the shopping centre was not 100% open), it did seem Lucy's Kitchen commanded the most customers!

Setting was simple, cheery yet complicated.

I especially loved the hanging kitchen display and thought this would be an fantastic yet practical idea for the house that i would be getting soon; fingers crossed on that as prices remained pretty much out of my reach.

Basmathi Rice w Grilled Chicken
From the menu, there were some similarities to PappaRich and i guess starting with the chef recommended basmati rice with grilled chicken would be a great choice for my early dinner.

Although served warm, the basmati rice lacked the robust aroma that impressed me the very first time i tried the long grains. Furthermore, there were a few hard clumps that were, in my opinion, unacceptable for a restaurant.

Grilled chicken had that inevitable freshness yet the so called special-sauce marination that could have elevated it was conspicuously missing. Overall, disappointing.

Chocolate Molten Dessert
A Chinese would tell you that a good dish should fulfill three criteria; the display, the aroma and the taste. Personally, i am all for taste even though i would give bonus marks for initial impression (display) . 

As in the case of this lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Fail #1 - i didn't have that runny chocolate filling gushing out like lava flowing out of a volcano. Well, that deficiency could have been excused for a nicely flavoured chocolate cake except that the texture was a tad too hard. 


Basement, Lot 42,
KK Times Square,
Kota Kinabalu

Basmathi Rice w Grilled Chicken - RM $15.90
Chocolate Molten Dessert - RM $9.90
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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