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Canopy Walkway @ Poring Hot Spring [Kinabalu Park]

I was under the initial impression that i could have a relaxing, sulfur-rich bath at Poring hot spring and didn't expect there were so much more to do within the nature complex; one of which was the canopy walkway! 

The eight of us were left on our own as the route was pretty straightforward and i guess the local guide wasn't keen to expense her energy, especially when she has been to the same treetop trail countless times.

It was a loop anyway and i guess it would be hard for us to get aimlessly lost. And knowing myself, it's good to explore on our own without any time restriction. 

Taking photographs is so common nowadays and i bet the attraction must be earning a lot from the camera fees! To clarify, it's RM 5 per camera (if you are using your mobile phone in addition to a DSLR, it would be RM 10). Video-recording, even on your mobile, would require an exorbitant payment of RM 30! 

As with any canopy walk, you would have to start with an upward climb!

Do wear appropriate shoes; i am just thankful that the floor wasn't wet and muddy which would have made the climb slightly more challenging, particularly for the elderly. Amusingly, i am the oldest in the entire group! 

I was always the last in the group as i would like to make full use of my camera fee, and the sight that met me upon the first climb was the rest of my travel companions with their eyes fixated on a tree trunk 

A lizard; species of which i am unaware of. It didn't appear to have the appearance of the lizards we have in Singapore; notice the slightly bulging eyes and the longer claws. 

Another ascent and once again, the observant members in our tour group managed to spot another insect! There's no way i could have seen it!

Cicada! While the rest were pointing it out to the minority few (like myself), i still took quite a while to finally see it on the trunk! Darn, i need to change my glasses!

200 meters - think this would likely be the length we have walked rather than the sea level as i understand from Priscilla, the guide, that Poring hot spring was above 500 meters above the sea level. 

Gigantic trees all over the place and they were beautiful sights to behold. Just be careful of any falling branches / fruits. 

A gentler path which meant we were getting closer to the canopy walk! I was thrilled as i love to challenge my fear for heights and the elevation of the canopy was said to be more than 40 meters; higher than that of Forest Adventure and HSBC Treetop Walk.

Here's where our adventures began! 

Reminder on the camera / video camera fees; well, i didn't encounter anyone checking if i am holding on to the ticket and you may wish to try your luck. To prevent any unhappy incident, just pay lah!

Guess the "check ticket" sign was just to scare us. 

Note: only six persons allowed at any one time on each stretch of walkway and no running, jumping and swaying is permitted! Bad luck if you have someone who was severely acrophobic right ahead of you.

Time to start the walk above the trees!

Like a humongous fishnet that was stretched and hung up with a few planks of wood that made up the "flooring", the suspension bridge reminded me of an obstacle at Forest Adventure but this was way easier. 

Bloody hell; frayed ropes! A few more jumps and we would likely end up on the ground 40 meters down! Maybe i should write to the park management so that they could maintain the ropes! 

I think it would be hard for us to be wary of any falling branch / twigs with the limited space on the platform. How to siam sia?! The only way to avoid was to jump down which would most probably result in dire consequences. 

It would not be a pretty sight. 

The second section of the treetop bridge; it wasn't so much the observation of animals on canopies that excited the visitors as the limit of six persons impeded any effective study and there was always a constant flow of incoming visitors! 

Third section; there were four in total.

They were all the same after a while, save for their length. I was still fearful and grabbed tightly to the rope as i slowly made my way through. 

Not many share my fear. :(

Platform 3 - each platform was said to be supported by a super-tree species known as Menggaris, the king of forest! Given my love for fairy tales, is the Faraway Tree based on Menggaris?!

Menggaris tree in its full glory! 

Spectacular scenery that i managed to chance upon and gaze for a short moment. Pity it didn't have the fortune of facing the sacred mountain. On second thought; better not as it would just contribute to human congestion!

Last stretch! After Forest Adventure, it's no longer the quantity that matters. I would prefer to have more unique obstacles to challenge my fear! 

Might as well use our precious time to explore other parts of Poring Hot Spring.

Previously, i didn't think too much about this "no entry" sign although i noted on a Poring hot spring map that there were two walkways! Is that restricted path the way to the second walkway?

Whatever the case, i am not going to check it out alone! 


Within Poring Hot Spring,
Sabah, East Malaysia

Operating Hours
From 8am to 4pm. 

Additional Information
Part of Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring Tour

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