Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freshly Made Putu Mayam from Heaven's Heritage @ Kopitiam [Kranji MRT Station]

As i inched slowly to my mid 30s, there were often flashbacks to my childhood days and one scene put my family at a hawker centre where my mum bought us kids putu mayam that we hungrily devoured with the help of orange-coloured sugar!

Strangely, it should be at least a decade since i last touched putu mayam and i would have cleaned forgotten about it if not for an article on food in the Woodlands area. One paragraph centred on freshly made putu mayam at a coffee shop within Kranji MRT Station.

As i was waiting for the Great Kon to arrive for our day trip to Johore Bahru, i figured i should use the time to check out the Indian snack stall and get myself a small snack! 

It was really fresh made and it's amazing to see the strings of flour being squeezed out from the mold; i should have asked the friendly gentleman to let me have a go! By the way, freshly made means there will be a patient wait for the 'strings' to be steamed to an edible condition. 

Served with grated coconut and a big scoopful of orange sugar, the minimum order was for at least two pieces of putu mayam priced at S$2.40. 

The freshness really made a big difference; the strings didn't stick to each other as was usually the case for putu mayam that were packed for home / left unattended for long period of time. That's not all; even the coconut tasted freshly grated and as it was just taken out from the refrigerator, there was that coolness that complemented the hot putu mayam very well. 

A simple yet blissful sensation overwhelmed me as i took a chunk with a bit of grated coconut and a light sprinkle of sugar; that very moment brought me back to my childhood. Darn, i do feel ancient! 


Waiting for your friends to arrive at Kranji MRT Station so that all of you can take the public buses to the checkpoint? Use your precious time and give the putu mayam a try!

Within Kopitam
Kranji MRT Station

As above. I am going to try the appam the next time i am there!

Putu Mayam (2 pieces) - S$2.40

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