Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Welcome Seafood Restaurant (大茄来海鲜餐厅) @ Kota Kinabalu [Sabah, East Malaysia]

Sabah was renowned for both its mountain and seas and it would be a personal disgrace if i didn't even attempt to try out any seafood in my recent trip. 

Love the internet for its wide range of reviews and after much consideration, we decided to check out Welcome Seafood Restaurant which was said to be good yet not as exorbitantly priced as the so-called famous ones. 

Upon arrival, you would be greeted by the many glass tanks housing helpless preys that would eventually end up cooked (in various styles) and ready for your consumption. 

Indoor seating was available and i thought the only thing lacking was an appropriate ambience facing the great big ocean. I didn't show it here but the dining establishment was smacked within an ageing shopping centre that was quite a few hundred meters from the water.

With only the two of us, we were in a pretty mean dilemma on our selection as there were quite a few specialties! Crabs would be a must while Alex's would insist on having prawns.

Lime with Sour Plum Drink
Thirst quenching with a loving balance of sweetness and sourness! This was for Alex as i opted for a young coconut instead. I don't know why but coconut juice always seems extremely appropriate when i am having seafood. 

Steamed Prawns
Fresh, sweet and succulent; traits of its aliveness just a few moments ago. Alex begged to differ and felt that the ones in No Signboard Geylang were still a rung higher.

Special Fried Beancurd
If not for the spread of creamy sweet mayonnaise, this would not have been finished. In a nutshell, the insides were quite flavourful although the texture would have been off putting for those seeking a smoother texture. 

Butter Crab
Aside from the classic steamed and chilli crab, butter crab was the next favourite on my crab list until i tried the salted egg version a few years ago; hence, i had high expectations! 

From the look of the thin butter with streaks of oil, i had already half guessed my review for the dish. 

Thank goodness it wasn't half as bad and was in fact quite buttery. However, the flavour failed in imprinting an oomph factor which could have rendered this small crab insufficient in usual circumstances back in Singapore

Salted Egg Crab
I would have gone for the signature kam hiong style but Alex wasn't keen to share given its apparent spiciness. Therefore, it would be salted egg crab! 

One word; horrid! There wasn't a tinge of the amazing salted egg and caked on the crab was a layer of salty thick sauce with just a slight spiciness. My mouth had experiences with salted egg crabs from many places in Singapore and nowhere had it tasted this bad. 


This is my personal opinion and i have spoken to a few tour mates who had a marvelous dining experience at Welcome Seafood. 

Lot G 13, Ground Floor, Star City Mall, 
Kompleks Asia City Phase 2, Jalan Asia City,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


Operating Hours
2.30pm - 12midnight


Price List
As above 

Prices of What We Had
Steamed Prawns (300g) - RM 21
Special Fried Beancurd - RM 12
Butter Crab - RM 30
Salted Egg Crab - RM 30
[Inclusive of GST]

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