Saturday, May 30, 2015

Coffee : Nowhere - A Nice Place to Chill Out Near NUS @ West Coast Plaza [Singapore]

Nowhere - the pronunciation has always been a confusion; should you pronounce it as no-where or now-here? Mystery solved; it should be no-where.

However, according to google, nowhere is defined as not in any place or not anywhere which is an oxymoron when used in conjunction as brand name for a shop that sells coffee!

Personally, i prefer Coffee Nowhere over the hundreds of cafes that have been sprouting like mushrooms in Singapore! It has character yet not overly focused on interior design. 

On one hand, it seemed to target the office crowd but on the other, you could still find some comfortable spot where you can spend your afternoon sipping on your beverage while reading a novel. 

Unlike some coffee cafes, there was a food menu (including full day breakfast options) with set lunch / dinner on weekdays! Pity the selection was pretty limited and i was the only one who opted for the set. 

Mushroom Soup (Set Lunch)
Visually, the texture told me this would likely be the thick, clumpy type of mushroom broth that i have always enjoyed over the watery version.

Realistically, it had that earthly flavour signature of edible fungi but failed in having a seasoning that could have enhanced the taste. To put it simply, the taste was bland and flat. 

Prawn Oglio-Olio Spaghetti (Set Lunch)
Nicely adorned; the aroma that accompanied the hot pasta when it was served to my table surprisingly did not manage to agitate my appetite as i would have expected. 

With six prawns (yes, i counted them), i thought the spaghetti was quite a good deal for a set lunch!

The first thing that hit my taste buds was its spiciness! Other than that, there was hardly any seasoning or flavour that stood out and like the mushroom soup, it was relatively bland once you remove the "spicy".

Whatever the case, i paid for the meal out of my pocket and i am not going to lay it to waste. 

Drink (Set Lunch)
The above was supposed to be my drink; if i remember correctly, you only have a few choices and none of it appealed to me; hence, i passed this to my friend. She had no complaint so i guess it should taste alright. 

Creme Brulee Cappuccino 
What i had was this! For members, there was 1 for 1 beverage on Mondays and i sure didn't regret ordering the creme brulee cappuccino; the top layer cracked just like its dessert cousin and the coffee was creamy, flavourful with a touch of the creme brulee that many loved to have. 


154, West Coast Road, 
#B1-06/07, West Coast Plaza

As above.

Opening Hours
Mondays to Fridays - 10am to 10pm
Saturdays, Sundays, PH - 8.30am to 10pm

Food Menu
As above

Drink Menu

As above


Prawn Oglio-Olio Spaghetti Set Lunch - S$12.80
Creme Brulee Cappuccino - S$7.80

Additional Information
Free wifi (password would be on your receipt) and plain water can be taken from the counter on the second floor! Maybe i should have gotten some salt and pepper for my soup and main. 

A friend had the Burger Nowhere - i stole a bite and thought it was absolutely to my liking! Maybe i should give the food another chance; next time, i shall have the chilli crab baked rice! 

By the way, sign up for the prepaid member card for a better deal! 

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