Saturday, November 01, 2014

Cafe Sori Dessert & Beverage - Heart of the Market @ Namdaemun Market [Seoul, Korea]

With a name that sounds like an apology, i should have noticed the similarity and think twice before egging both my sisters to try out this cafe at Namdaemun Market!

Guess i was too fixated on getting to the second level, where the cafe is located, to have a better overview of Korea's biggest traditional market. Taking photographs from the ground level can be so unexciting. 

Setup as above; you may even go up to the third level which has additional seating and an alfresco outdoor area where smokers can indulge in a ciggie or two. 

The view i was looking forward too! Avid photographers would be pleased to know that the windows can be moved to the side where you can have a more expansive, windowless picture of the market. 

Ta-dah! Shall update on the market tomorrow with over fifty photographs so that you would have a better gauge on what to expect even though i fail to cover all the streets! 

I had the red bean latte while my sister ordered the vanilla latte; both tasted alright but i didn't quite understand why my beverage had lesser content! It was like 30% lesser, a very noticeable difference okay! Despite the usage of English in their menu, the service staff couldn't quite understand when i nicely asked about it. Sighz. 

The choco cream waffle i had added to my frustration; at ₩4,300 (over S$5), the chocolate sauce was obviously from a cheapo brand, the Belgian waffle wasn't as warm as i expected and came with a texture that was too mushy! 

I visited Korea with the anticipation that their waffles were much, much better than Singapore and my first one was a great disappointment. 


Intersection of Main Street and Stationery & Toy Street,
Namdaemun Market, Seoul, Korea

As above.

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