Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Best Green Tea Latte @ OSulloc Tea Museum [Jeju Island, Korea]

I am going to keep this short and simple as i am too tired to trawl through the many photographs i took during my Korea trip yet there is still a pang of guilt as i know i have not been as diligent to update this blog at the speed i used to.

Whatever the case, i shall touch on the one thing one die die must try in Jeju Island; OSulloc Tea Museum. To be more specific, i am referring to an item on the menu at the in-house cafe. 

The green tea latte - honestly, i really didn't quite see the big deal it generated but to see a cup on every table in the cafe did appear to be a tad too unbelievable! 

Just in case it was more hearsay than the truth, we decided to diversify the risk by ordering two additional items; the King O Fredo and the Black Roll Cake.

King O Fredo
For such a high and mighty name, it was essentially a smoothie. I am not much of a smoothie drinker as i am aware it is high in fattening cream!!! Give me a scoop of ice cream anytime and i would devour it faster than drinking a smoothie. 

To add green tea is usually a no-no for me as its taste is known for its bitterness. Surprisingly, this smoothie managed to strike a balance of both sweetness and bitterness and was in fact quite the perfect drink to have on a hot day!

Black Roll Cake
I should have gone with the green tea roll cake with white cream as the tarty green tea filling was just too much for me to handle. The black dough was comparatively better in flavour although as a whole, it was not worth the almost S$6 i paid for.

Green Tea Latte
Before this, the only green tea latte i found acceptable came from Starbucks. This one from OSulloc changes everything! 

There was a natural lightness to the flavour as we slowly let the milky green liquid trickled down our throat. It tasted unprocessed (strange i know although that's a consensus from the three of us) and we wondered if the leaves were freshly plucked from the plantation located right outside the museum! So good we regretted stuffing our stomach with the black roll cake and the king o fredo! 


Western Seogwipo,
Jeju Island, Korea

Contact Number to Key in GPS

As above

King O Fredo - ₩8,500
Black Roll Cake - ₩5,000
Green Tea Latte - ₩6,000

Additional Information
I tried the green tea latte at OSulloc cafe @ Insadong, Seoul but the standard wasn't as good as the one in Jeju. Guess it makes a difference when you have the green tea plantation next to you. 

For the summary of my inaugural South Korea trip 
(Seoul and Jeju Island), click HERE.

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