Friday, November 21, 2014

O'Sulloc Tea Museum & Innisfree Jeju House @ Jeju Island [Korea]

The numerous journeys i made to Cameron Highlands (where tea is grown) and China (where tea is highly regarded as a beverage) should have taught me a lot about tea; hence, i wasn't expecting much from this modern looking tea museum in Jeju Island. 

Of course the context is more related to the Korean culture although the rituals more or less are similar to China, Taiwan and Japan. What's more interesting was the location; Jeju Island, filled with volcanic rocks rich in minerals, is claimed to be the best location for tea cultivation!

After trying my best ever green tea latte in O'Sulloc Cafe within the tea museum, i must say i was quite convinced of the claim! For my review, click here

In addition to plain looking traditional Asian tea sets, there was an extensive display of beautifully crafted tea sets from Europe; some of which have a history of more than a hundred years! 

If you are lucky, you could even see real-life pan-frying of tea leaves! I wasn't so fortunate; i was more focused on getting my stomach filled with goodies. 

Tea lovers would get themselves crazy over the huge variety of flavoured tea in the retail section of the museum! I am more into pu-er and didn't see the point of paying so much for hybrid tea that is, in my opinion, unnatural tea. 

Check out this display! I thought it was reminiscent of the contemporary times we live in; the increased usage of paper cups for our hot drink, including tea of course! 

I think we can draw on an empty paper cup and then put our completed artwork on the wooden shelving (and hoping it would stay there for as long as possible). Couldn't find any drawing materials though. 

Many people appeared to have missed out an elevator that would bring us up to an enclosed pod where we can marvel at the beauty of the surrounding! 

Both sisters were simply ecstatic to be able to sit down to rest their tired feet from climbing Hallasan. Shall blog on it soon even though i am seriously too lazy to go through the over 400 photographs taken during the climb. 

A more spectacular view greeted us on the uncovered roof deck! Hallasan can actually be seen from the above picture; somewhere in the middle, slightly towards the left. 

Near the entrance of the cafe (where i had that green tea latte) was a glass door that would bring you to the great outdoors. I had the impression it was just a backyard garden but it would actually lead you to the Innisfree Jeju House, another must go for those interested in facial products. 

Pretty flowers, pretty butterflies. The weather was a bit too warm for us that day; if not, i believe we could have relaxed in a more relaxed manner. 

It also didn't help to see this sign warning us about snakes! Yikeeeees!! This was one of the rare moments (trust me, you don't see me behaving like this much) i was literally pushing my sisters to walk ahead of me!

Okay, we finally walked through the canopy of danger and reached Innisfree Jeju House! I first noticed Innisfree when i was in Taiwan, where people were queuing to get into the store! 

I honestly didn't know it was known for its organic, natural products. Owned by Amore Pacific, it is also the parent company of O'Sulloc; thus explaining the close proximity of the tea museum and the innisfree jeju house. 

Other than purchasing expensive and even unique products that you could not find in other Innisfree outlets, this one in jeju also allowed you to partake in an activity.

The making of soap! 

As expected, we had neither the patience nor the time to make the soap. Furthermore, i doubt i would use the soap and that would be such an incredible waste of money!! 

Those without time can consider purchasing the natural soap present kit as above at 12,000 korean won, which by the way can allow me to buy around 4 packets of 830ml shower gel at Swanston

Nearby tea plantation, owned by Amore Pacific! No way would you see us walking there under the hot sun and i guess the view is always better when you watch from afar. 


Western Seogwipo,
Jeju Island

Contact Number to Key in GPS

Opening Hours
9am to 6pm

For the summary of my inaugural South Korea trip 
(Seoul and Jeju Island), click HERE.

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