Friday, October 31, 2014

Pork Belly Satay - An Alternative to Geylang's Kwong Satay @ Changi Village Food Centre

Nowadays, when people ask me where to get the best pork satay in Singapore, i would undoubtedly reply "Kwong Satay" and add in the following statement: "just go for the pork belly satay"!

The problem with Kwong Satay is its location; situated within the red-light & foodie district of Geylang, parking can be a real pain for the neck of a motorist. 

There's now another option although it is not exactly convenient for those staying in the West; Changi Village Hawker Centre!

It offered pork belly satay too and from a small signboard at the side, i did notice it seems to be affiliated with the famous stall! An order for ten sticks was therefore warranted!

At S$1.20 a stick, this was 20% more expensive than what i paid for back in 2012 at Kwong Satay! The meat this time did appear to be more solid and compact; similar to a normal pork satay yet significantly bigger. 

Taste wise, it continued to feature that caramelised flavour perfectly smoked by charcoal and had surprisingly more lean portions! The latter would be considered as a lesser evil by health enthusiasts although i would have very much preferred a fattier cut for a juicier bite. 


No 2, Changi Village Road,
Changi Village Block 2, #01-54

Pork Belly Satay - S$1.20 a stick
[Minimum 5 sticks]

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