Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Strawberry Cream Puff @ Beard Papa's

Beard Papa used to attract a long queue at its virgin store in Takashimaya and i can vaguely remember the deliciously cold cream oozing out of that somewhat crunchy pastry known simply as Cream Puff.

I cannot even remember the last time i had that signature creamy rich puff from Beard Papa.

It's been so long, i was surprised to find out recently that flavours other than vanilla are available. Ms Tan, after knowing how poor and pathetic i am for the past few months, offered me a strawberry flavour (for free of course)!

The strawberry cream tasted as natural as it can be without being overloaded with excessive sugar. There was that sourish, refreshing aftertaste that was so much like real strawberries.

As a person with a sweet tooth, i don't really enjoy this strawberry puff. By all means give me the vanilla flavour!! 

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