Thursday, December 09, 2010

Vegetarian and Mexican Pizzas @ Pie Kia

Some of you might have heard of pie kia, a relatively new player to the competitive food industry in Singapore.

It's not difficult remembering the name as it sounds exactly like "pai kia", meaning bad kid in Hokkien.

For those interested, click the picture above for the true origin of such a unique name.

As the name suggests, Pie Kia serves pies and after trying them on a few occasions, i can tell you, they are really delicious!!! Especially my personal favourite; roast chicken!

However, the title of this post said it all! We are definitely not going to touch on pies today. Instead, i am going to talk about the pizzas in Pie Kia.

Vegetarian Pizza
Excuse me for showing such an unfocused picture! At the very very least, you are able to gauge the size of the pizza with a typical-sized lens cover at the side.

Ya, it wasn't big.
I know.

Size doesn't matter! It's the taste that's important. Besides having a super thin crust, Pie Kia used a lot of "liao" that makes me wonder how a vegetarian pizza can be so yummy even when everyone is using almost the same ingredients!

Mexican Pizza
Another failed picture!!! What's wrong with me?! Oh, i was actually sick but i could not resist the temptation to eat the two pizzas!

More savoury with the rich spiciness associated with most Mexican food, this was equally good although it got a bit too heavy for me after two slices!


Numerous Outlets!!

Vegetarian Pizza - S$4.50
Mexican Pizza - S$4.80

For the moment (not sure when it will end), a promotional combo comprising both pizzas cost only S$7.90! A good chance to try both of them at the same time!


  1. Errr...did you register for health screening? It's in January next year hor :P

  2. i did lah...... sianz lor... but i think my cholesterol level will be okay lah.

    Not much money to eat good food anyway. Will whack hawker food.

    Hm... Equally bad for cholesterol also hor. Wahahahahaha.