Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Outing (패밀리가 떴다)

I know i have been slacking on blogging.

The main culprit unintentionally contributing to the lack of posts is this Korean variety show named "Family Outing"!

Though the conversation was in Korean, the video includes Chinese subtitles which help me tremendously in understanding most of the conversations. As with any translated languages, some jokes may seem pretty weird to us.

So what is family outing?

Basically, the family was made up of seven people from the lucrative entertainment industry!

The most famous is singer Lee Hyori, voted number one sex kitten in South Korea! There are other notable members like Dae-Sung from the very popular group, Big Bang and Yu Jae-Suk, top MC in South Korea!

Every outing will see the family inviting 'guests' (normally one) to different rural areas in South Korea to take care of a house while the residents (mostly the elderly) go on an apparently sponsored holiday.

Besides taking good care of the house, the family was required to complete some local farming tasks like picking pessimons, moving the cows and catching eels, to name a few.

Consisting of two episodes over a two day, one night trip, you will see the mischievous family embarking on various games that always turned out to be freaky hilarious and at times rough!

As with most Asian families, cooking and having dinner together is a must and the Korean cuisine usually looked so delicious, my craving for Korean food has never been stronger.

One segment i particularly enjoy was the morning game to decide who will be the unfortunate loser to make breakfast for everyone.

The games are mostly nonsensical like attempting to pull a thread through the eye of a needle with the host (Yu Jae-Suk) trying his best to fan it away, trying to catch a falling piece of paper, selecting the correct water hose etc!

Each morning game was unique so you will never find the same one a second time!

Seeing the sleepy celebrities without their makeup and unkempt hair was really refreshing in a country where looks are so important, plastic surgeries are common practice!

Spanning over 20 months and visitation of 41 different families, this realistic variety show eventually ended on February this year.

I am so hooked on this show! My free time is almost entirely used to watch the videos on my iPhone!   

My current watch is episode 79; another 7 episodes before the inevitable withdrawal symptoms step in.

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