Monday, December 27, 2010

Wu Xiang (Ngoh Hiang, 五香) @ Nam Heng Restaurant (南興餐室)

Wu Xiang (Ngoh Hiang)
@ Nam Heng Restaurant

I am a variety lover, which means i enjoy having things that allow a lot of choices well within financial limits! And it's precisely this reason i love to eat Wu Xiang (五香).

At first glance, Wu Xiang may look really complicated with so many food items to choose from! Sentences that run through my head may range from "this looks delicious" to "are you sure that is edible!?".
Comprising of mostly deep fried food items (my bane when it comes to food), the choice is yours to decide what you like to eat, place them on a plate and pass it to the person manning the stall.
Usually not termed as a main dish, my mom and i decided to have a plate of wu xiang in Nam Heng since we were seated right in front of the stall.

After years of experience, i know it's always good to go for the basics when we ordered too much (of other dishes) and just wanted to give the wu xiang a try.

What appeared in front of us eventually was a plate filled with items like spring roll, prawn cracker, fish cake and century egg.

With the exception of the egg, the others were normally re-fried for that hot crispy bite.

One item i used for comparison across wu xiang stalls is prawn cracker. The one in Nam Heng had too thick a batter and though it was reflecting a hopeful yellowish tinge, the taste was disappointingly bland.

As with any mixed dish, one item could be horrid but the other items could be terribly good. In the case of the crunchy spring rolls, it was one of the better ones i had in wu xiang stalls with bits of carrots and long beans.

Although i am a late bloomer when it comes to chilli, i do know how to differentiate the chilli used for different Singapore dishes okay! For wu xiang, the chilli has to have a scoop of peanut bits and it has to be hot yet sweet!


I might be back for the spring roll and maybe fish cake but definitely not for its prawn cracker!

949 Upper Serangoon Road
(Junction of Simon Road and very near to Kovan MRT Station)

Depending on your selection! Mine cost around S$4.50.

Additional Information
Nam Heng is open daily and their operation usually ends at night except for Sunday and Monday when they close at 4pm.

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