Friday, December 10, 2010

Avatars Inspired by SouthPark

Thanks to one of Karen's uber interesting posts, i got to know of this website that allows individuals like me and you to create cute cartoon avatars inspired by the highly crude and vulgar Southpark!

Although there are already flash websites that create avatars for individual use, the creators of Southpark have imprinted on our minds the perceived body structure of Southparkers.

And you can now have a free hand to see what you will look like if you are ever featured in South Park!

I have done up a few avatars based on my pair of squarish (aka ah pek) spectacles and short hair (due to the shave i did for CCF five months ago) but i am unsure which is the best.

Should i have this one which shows me with food on both hands and yet resisting the temptation to have them as i have been gaining weight? Look at the beads of sweat on my agonising face! The tail symbolises the devil's temptation!

Maybe this one is better? I was my usual self; salivating whenever i have food on my hands. The devil has apparently won the game in this picture.

An angelic avatar showing fruits on both hands; healthy and totally at ease. Such innocence is SO me! Hahahahaha.

With Christmas coming in a few weeks time and as a typical cheerful, forever optimistic Cavin, i thought this avatar was almost right. To perfect it in the spirit of Southparkism, I was trying to hold the rabbit by the neck but the system is not allowing it!

Just joking of course.
I adore animals okay!
*love the rabbit stew when i was young*


Want to create your very own Southpark avatar? Please click HERE. The full address is

Enjoy laughing and bring the joy to others!!!! :)

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