Friday, December 03, 2010

Kaya Toast @ Nam Heng Restaurant (南興餐室)

Located at a corner along Upper Serangoon road (yes, i know it's a freaking long road) is a pretty run-down coffee shop by the name of Nam Heng restaurant (why is the word "restaurant" used instead of "coffee shop" remains unresolved).

Don't be deceived by this old school coffee shop that still employs faithful yet hardworking elderly helpers, has horizontal metal grilles popular in the pre-1990s era, and adopts a table-seating layout that screams of anything but orderly.

The first time i had my breakfast there, i was so impressed by their kaya toast i have never had another better one anywhere else!

Okay okay, i have not really taken the time to try three kopitiams (tried Killiney before) reviewed in this article but for the moment, it's the best i have.

A few complaints i usually reserve for kaya toast are that the toasted bread is too thick, the kaya is spread too thin and the butter tastes like unmotivated margarine! Combine all of them and i get a toast i practically hate to put in my mouth!

As you can see from the picture above, the toast was skinny thin without sacrificing the inside-softness, outside-crispiness and it's incredible that they still managed to squeeze in butter and kaya within that very restricted space!

The use of the sweeter custard kaya (the orangey-yellow type) has always been my preference and most importantly, they use a savoury butter (suspicion told me it could be my favourite Lurpak butter) that just made the overall package as good as it should be!


There are other famous offerings in this small kopitiam and i shall save it for another posting! Lack the funds to dine out!!

949 Upper Serangoon Road

(Junction of Simon Road and very near to Kovan MRT Station). For food eaters, this is the famous food stretch that includes the over-rated Punggol Nasi Lemak.

S$1.40 for two pieces!

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