Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tze Char Mee Hoon (煮炒米粉) @ Hiap Hoe Eating House, Yishun

Looking at a full-house coffee shop with a long queue at You Huak Restaurant, Mom decided there and then that it's not her day to have her first try of the famous white bee hoon.

Nothing's lost though as we changed course to have our favourite hor fun at Hiap Hoe Eating House in Yishun!

And to compensate my mom (who has been craving for the white bee hoon since her chicken pox incident), we ordered the normally darker, tze char style, bee hoon!

Like its hor fun sibling, this was cooked to wok-hei perfection with savoury starchy sauce that made slurping a must in order to savour all its goodness!

Hor fun and bee hoon were not enough to feed three of us! And we were convinced a plate of Har Cheong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken) should satisfy us!

When i first had har cheong kai, i swore i will never have it again as the smell was too disgusting! Yes, coming from a man who loves smelly tofu, this is UNACCEPTABLE!!

Things have changed after i had a damn good har cheong kai in Holland Village. Truthfully, the har cheong kai from Beng Tin Hng (the tze char stall) had the disgusting right smell that strengthened with nearing proximity.

Fresh out from the frying pan, the deep fried wings were crispy-hot and lip-smacking good! However, as ha cheong kai, i personally thought they lacked the strong marination of pungent prawn paste.

Having to see blood (typically of frozen chicken) while tearing the wing apart was also an anti-climax to a pretty good meal.


Block 747, Yishun Street 72,
#01-108, Hiap Hoe Eating House
(Stall Name: Beng Tin Hng)

(Walking distance from Yishun MRT Station)

Bee Hoon - S$3.00
Prawn Paste Chicken - S$8.00 for 8 pieces

No Service Charge and GST.

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