Monday, February 01, 2010

Hor Fun (河粉) @ Hiap Hoe Coffee House, Yishun

The names of Chinese dishes can be so misleading. In this instance, there's nothing fun about hor fun; it's purely a dialect term for thick flat rice noodle.

I used to think that any hor fun is good, so long it comes from a tze char stall in a coffee shop. C'mon, how bad can it be for such a simple dish? Coming from a person who sucks big time in cooking!

Of course that was the ancient thought i had when i was in my teens. Years passed and my standard of hor fun has impressed marginally (fortunately).

At least for now, i understand that a good dish of hor fun must have the legendary wok hei flavour; essentially the essence of a well used wok coupled with fierce fire and vigourous stir frying by an established chef.

In particular (for me), a flavourful corn starch sauce fused with fresh ingredients like prawns, sotongs (squids), vegetables and pork is the determinant of how much i enjoy a dish of hor fun. Yes, not so much on the noodles!

The last two paragraphs described one of my favourite tze char stalls for hor fun; Beng Tin Hng at Hiap Hoe Coffee House in Yishun Block 747.

This tze char stall is quite popular with Yishunians and their Sin Chow Bee Hoon is actually to die for. Shall blog about it again!!


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