Monday, November 08, 2010

Chicken Pox!!

Chicken Pox!!

At a fine age of 56 (am i supposed to reveal her age?), my mom has finally taken the role of a contagious chicken pox carrier!


I deserve the CAPITALISED scream since i have never been infected despite my no-good complexion. It is an unprecedented emergency that is panicky enough for me to walk out to Northpoint and assembled my arsenal of disinfectant bathing foam, bottles of vitamin C and other supplements!

And the best thing?

I was checking out the numerous reddish spots on mom's body this morning and analysing (yes, that included touching them) the exact true nature of these suspicious looking blemishes!


*rapidly preparing the anti-bacterial essential oil for the burner*


With the onslaught of worsening symptoms typical for adults infected with chicken pox, mom was granted two weeks medical leave for a well-deserving rest!

Thank god this happens after my Bangkok trip with her last month!

But i have to take back the "thank" because i have to cancel my trip with her (and dad) to Cameron Highlands this weekend!!!

With good luck (i will thank god then), i might be able to appeal for a postponement.

*fingers crossed*

No matter how favourable conditions may be, a person with chicken pox should stay put at home so that the highly contagious varicella zoster virus is contained. It can be dangerous and even fatal for infants, adults and people with weak immune systems.

Be socially considerate;
stay at home!

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