Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Famous Donut

I have been thinking of uploading this for a few weeks but didn't have the motivation to do so. Hahaha. Anyway, i bet most of you remembered my blog entry about Donut Factory, the one i queued for a bloody few hours! The donuts im gonna talked about have attracted quite a lot of discussion on whether Donut Factory is better or "the one im gonna talk about soon" is better.


I read quite a few reviews on Donut Factory and people were comparing it extensively to Krispy Kreme! Unfortunately, it is not available in Singapore but it was my fortune that my bro-in-law's brother happened to be in Australia and he bought a few boxes back!!!

Thank you Jordan, my deepest, utmost thanks!

My sister had no knowledge the storm this brand has stirred in US and when i told her, her reaction was nonchalant (Her reaction: Oorrrr)!! Sighz......

Anyway, from the pictures, the donuts were already been in my sister's fridge for 2 days but the lustre, brightness of the donuts remained (see above). I cannot resist sharing one with my friend Weeyuan. First impression, it was hard from the cold condition synthesized by my sister's fridge. Second impression, it was sweet! VERY VERY SWEET!
I tried a few in the next few days (my younger sis, as usual, had her fair share). Overall, impression was that Americans love their stuff sweet. For a sweet tooth beholden guy like me, i found the sweetness too overbearing on my taste buds. Almost every donut had a sugary freeze to it (see above).

Now i know why i gained so much weight recently.

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