Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Smart Spa at Kuta in Bali @ Indonesia

Before my visit to Bali, the Island of Gods, i have always claimed that massages in Thailand are cheap and good; so much so that the Land of Smiles has literally been a yearly pilgrimage for me.

I was so wrong as massage / spa parlors are aplenty in Bali and listed pricing was eye-dropping; imagine a foot massage at less than S$10 for an hour, a traditional Balinese massage at about S$13 an hour and these pricing came from a rather reputable shop that's ranked number 5 on tripadvisor; Smart Spa! 

This time, i relied heavily on google map to travel and since reviews weren't too bad (and pricing was good), we decided to try out the services. I am a traditionalist and opted for traditional Balinese massage for an hour.

No camera allowed inside and i must tell you; loud talking was strongly frowned upon and it's an oasis of silence in the parlor! Personally, i still prefer Thai massage although Bali massage is a deeper intrusion in your muscles and overall, relaxing without the cracking that's common in Thai massages. 

The spa offers more than just a wide variety of massages; you can pick from facial to hair spa and even pedicure and manicure! What i am more interested in are the packages; for example, a 3-hour package that cost less than S$70! 

Pity there's so much to explore in Kuta and i honestly didn't have sufficient time. :(


Jl. Legian no. 41, Kuta 80361, Indonesia 


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