Friday, July 28, 2017

Kogane Yama Tendon - Udon Style & the Original Matcha Latte @ Bugis Junction [Singapore]

I didn't give a raving review for Kogane Yama Tendon but taste differs from person to person and in Alex's opinion, the tendon restaurant at Bugis Junction is good enough for us to drop by again for lunch after a karaoke session at Manekineko Bugis +.

To efficiently spend my hard-earned money, i had to justify the meal with a blog post and the only way is to have something other than the normal tendon; soba was out of stock so that left me with only udon.

Since it's soup based, we didn't get the nice, instagram-worthy picture of a small bowl of rice literally overflowing with deep fried stuff. For good reason too as the soup would render the crispiness totally useless.

This time round, i also opted for the spicy sauce. In my food reviews, i always prefer to go with the basic / original unless it's for local dishes where i have a better grasp of what to expect or i was advised by others to choose something different.

My preference after trying both the non-spicy and the spicy sauce level one - the spicy sauce wins for the pinch of spiciness that totally tingled the taste buds and set it aside from the sweeter sauce found in other tendon eateries. Having said that, my heart still remains with Kohaku and Ginza Itsuki.

Udon tasted like the udon i always know; not impressionable and only seek to reinforce the notion that i am better off with the local mee poh / mee kia. Soup flavour was plain and simple; again, i would be better off with good old Japanese rice. 

Matcha Latte - this was one section of the non-extensive menu that caught my attention previously and i decided to get a cup of original matcha latte this time! 

Available only in cold, this was like your common green tea milkshake with a weak green tea taste that should have been intensified for that unforgettable oomph.

There's even a piece of lightly roasted marshmallow; no idea what it was there although i get the feeling it's merely to beautify the beverage. 

Okay, i couldn't resist roasted marshmallow with their charred, caramelized layer and devoured it in no time; and feeling a pang of guiltiness after that for ingesting extra sugar into the body. 

As a milkshake, i did enjoy the matcha latte and would feel better if the glass wasn't filled with ice; mind you, i am looking at about three quarter of the glass!


200 Victoria Street, #02-50,
Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
(Beside Chir Chir Chicken)


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Mixed Tendon Set - S$17.80
Matcha Latte (Original) - S$4.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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