Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jerald's Birthday 2016

It's a high concentration of birthday celebrations in September for my family and given the last failed birthday cake, i didn't want to risk spoiling Jerald's birthday as my baking is still inconsistent! 

Thankfully, he requested to have just one slice of cake from Coffee Bean! Good news for the rest of us as cakes are seriously fattening and we can definitely make do with less rather than more. 

Birthday boy soliciting a kiss from the sister. 

Let's the singing begin! As we were in a rather crowded outlet at the new Compass One shopping mall, we huddled up to keep our volume low. Contrary to popular belief, we are one shy family. 

This was the time when both kids knew that the birthday song was nearing its end and eyeing the lighted candle. It's never about the cake.

Jerald, being older, is now sensible enough not to blow the candles if he is not the birthday boy but in this case, he is and i wondered if he would throw a tantrum if he were to lose the "match".

Heng ah, he was faster! 
Happy Birthday, Jerald! 

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