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Makura Cat Cafe (near Srinakarin Train Market) @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Visiting a cafe in Bangkok wasn't on my itinerary but when i happened to walk past the Makura Cat Cafe after a satisfying bodily purge, i excitedly informed the rest of my tour mates.

They were keen to check it out and didn't require any persuasion (except for Jiajun who has a phobia for cute dogs and cats). Before long, we were outside the cafe removing our shoes and diligently washing our hands at the provided sink.

Compared to the Purr Cat Cafe (also in Bangkok), the scale of Makura was much smaller and what's reflected in the above photograph was already about half the size of the cafe. 

Water bowls for the felines; guess the kitties were sticky with which bowl belonged to them. I didn't know they can be territorial! For dogs, usually we would just provide one big water bowl and that's it. 

Stars and biggest draw for the cafe - the cats! Many of them appeared to have a tear-stain issue; as a former shihtzu guardian, i can attest to the frustration of having to rectify tear stains! It could arise because of environment, the food and even the water! 

There were about twenty felines in the cafe and even though i hate to say this, the cafe had that "animal" smell some of you might dislike. There were controversies to the setting up of cat / dog cafes even here in Singapore and i am not going to be pulled into the debate. 

My only comment would be; operating costs including, utilities, salaries and upkeep of the cats / dogs (grooming, food, water, medication) can be exorbitant and as a business owner, there's a high chance you open a cafe to generate profit. 

Guess the grouch-faced Persian agreed with me. To be fair, some canine / feline lovers do it for passion but it's often a difficult task to juggle between passion and making money / breaking even. 

Patrons coaxing the cats for instagram-worthy pictures. The things humans would do and i am equally guilty to be a part of them.

But i did it my way; coaxed them using snacks which can be purchased from the counter. If i ever keep a pet again, i must have one that is as greedy as me when it comes to food; easier to train! 

See how fast it took a liking to me even though i had to admit the fish snack helped tremendously! 

Aside from food, there were cat toys on site that you can use to play with the kitties. Be careful though, their claws don't have eyes when they get too engrossed. 

More photographs of the cats for your viewing pleasure! 

It would have been an enjoyable night if not for an incident that has to do with my bag that was purchased in South Korea last year. 

This tan coloured feline slowly strolled over to the bag that was on the floor beside Alex and sat on it; i was midway through my sentence to Alex to move him / her away when i saw, to my horror, the growing pool of water on the spot she was at!!! :(


Along Srinagarindra 51 Alley
[Next to Srinakarin Talad Rot Foi / Train Market]

As above

Operating Hours
Mondays - 12noon to 9pm
Tuesdays - Closed 
Wednesdays - 12noon to 9pm
Thursdays - 12noon to 9pm
Fridays - 12noon to 10.30pm
Saturdays - 12noon to 10.30pm
Sundays - 12noon to 10.30pm

Facebook Page

Additional Information
House rules as above.

Similar to Purr Cat Cafe, you have choices of F&B for yourself. As we had dinner not too long ago, we were just keen on having some tea and desserts.

Didn't note the prices for the above as my bag had already been soaked with the pungent cat urine and although the service staff had kindly cleaned it up for us, the smell lingered...

For the summarised itinerary of the four days, three nights itinerary to the City of Angels (Bangkok, that is), click here for the details!

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