Tuesday, May 19, 2015

KBox K Lunch Buffet on Saturday & Sunday - Unlimited Food Indulgence and Singing for 3 Hours! @ Marina Square [Singapore]

I am fortunate to have come from a family with strong ties and this can be seen from the occasional meetups the Teo siblings have; given i am not keen in shopping for lady clothing and accessories, the one activity that doesn't raise any objection, aside from food, would be a karaoke session! 

Being poor and cheapos, we have always opted for the affordable K Lunch promotion at KBox! However, the limited food we got from K Lunch was usually quite pathetic and the popular chain has now upped the ante by having K Lunch Buffet as a permanent fixture at a few branches! 

This post would not focus on reviewing the food extensively; rather, i aimed to let all of you have a better idea of what to expect from the buffet and shall give a summary of my 'dining' experience later.

Unlimited soft drinks like nestle blackcurrant, lemonade lite and nesta green tea and peach! Those hoping for a cup of hot tea / milo / cappuccino etc can give Marina Square a miss. Only the outlet at Cineleisure Orchard offered the hot drinks.

Main section, of which the marmite prawns were memorable. Guess most stuff marinated in marmite sauce would turn out great! Marmite chicken replaced prawns once they were cleaned up by the hungry patrons. 

Dim sum with prawn dumplings, kaya pao and chicken siew mai; i guess many people are wondering if KBox is Halal certified. It is not because all the branches serve alcohol even though the food doesn't contain any pork / lard (have confirmed this with the staff). 

Porridge and radish soup; very typical Chinese makan.

What's porridge without all the condiments?! I would like to put on record that i would never, ever touch porridge in a buffet; why waste my calories?!?! 

Eggs with baked beans, nonya fish otah and roast duck. 

Salads and their dressings; like porridge, i am not a fan of salad when the word buffet is involved. Furthermore, i prefer to have salad at home.

I am much more keen in sweet stuff although i tried to be selective. Cannot afford to take too much sugar-laden stuff at my age mah! 

Disclaimer for all diners that would absolve KBox from any responsibility from allergies arising from having raw food in their premise! 

There's always an extra stomach for nonya kueh! Sadly, they were disappointing and the only good thing i could think of was how lucky i am by taking only one piece each. 

I indulged a lot more in deep fried stuff that day; the spring rolls were quite addictive! 

Cold longan and lychee soup; a hot version similar to cheng tng was also provided. Psst, bring along a bottle of mineral water to dilute the sweetness

Come to think about it; i didn't have any ice cream! By the time i was done with most food, i was already feeling the chill of the air-conditioning and guess my sub conscious mind had conveniently filtered out the ice cream.


In summary, food wasn't fantastic (more misses than hits) and i was honestly not expecting much for the S$20 per person we paid for unlimited food and drinks and singing in our terrible voices for three hours. 

6 Raffles Boulevard 
Marina Square

K Lunch Buffet (Saturday and Sunday) 
@ S$12++ per person [add up to be S$20]

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