Friday, June 07, 2013

Poison Ivy Bistro @ Bollywood Veggies [Kranji Heritage Trail]

Poison - defined as "a substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action".

Therefore, it would seem absolutely justifiable to have people getting a bit rattled to dine in a bistro that directly associated itself with poison. 

Things are however not that extreme in Poison Ivy. 

Marketing itself as a place that serves healthy food with no MSG and minimal salt using ingredients that are likely to be freshly harvested from the farm it owns in the same vicinity, the only poison it has would only be given upon your request to add more salt to "poison" your own blood pressure! 

Despite the limited choices on the printed menu, I could not pinpoint exactly what the bistro has to offer as far as cuisine is concerned since it can range from fried eggs with jam and toast to curry, nasi lemak and even fish and chips. 

That's not even counting special dishes (pineapple fish, jackfruit lemak etc) at the menu board which heavily depend on what is available and harvested from the farm. 

Bolly Banana Curry
When i set eyes on the words "banana curry", i knew i had to place an order! Aside from being a novel dish, i am a super banana lover, helped no less by my zodiac sign as the mischievous monkey.

Alas, i was disappointed with this pure vegetarian curry.  

There was absolutely NO taste of bananas and if not for their obvious cross-sectional pattern, i would have sworn they were sliced potatoes! And Cavin is no admirer of potatoes. 

Warriors Chicken Curry
Warriors chicken? I can only assume the unfortunate fowl was either a kampong chicken or one that gained victory in a gladiator-like competitor involving the same species! 

Curry wise, it lacked the deciding "spice" punch although the flavour was way richer than the pathetic banana one i had and i wasn't hesitant in devouring the pieces of tender, succulent chicken! 

Bollywood 3 in 1 Desserts

Touted as having no preservatives and no additives, these three types of desserts would be less of a worry to health conscious consumers who enjoy a sweet treat every now and then.

I like the moist banana bread which was heavily charged with the delicious aroma of banana, unlike its curry sibling. 

Kueh Bingka was a tad too rich in coconut whereas the weirdly named Kueh Kosui (kosui is saliva in Mandarin) was the best of the lot; lightly sweetened with a soft texture that surprisingly didn't get caught in between my problematic molars! 


100 Neo Tiew Road

Bolly Banana Curry - S$8.00
Warriors Chicken Curry - S$8.00
Bollywood 3 in 1 - S$7.50
Plain Rice - S$1.00 a serving
[No GST. No Service Charge].

Opening Hours
Wednesday to Sunday - 9am to 6.30pm
Monday to Tuesday - Closed unless it falls on PH

Printed Menu

As above. 


Additional Information
Please click here for my official entry on "Bollywood Veggies".

Take time to read the many notices pasted all over the place and you would find yourself laughing at their sarcastic content. 

For my Muslim friends, Poison Ivy was strict in maintaining that no pork products are to be allowed within their bistro. There wasn't a Halal certification which i attributed to the sale of alcohol. 

Outdoor seating is available for diners who would like to be closer to the rural surroundings so common in Singapore thirty years ago.

Beware of the irritating flies! There were so many of them; Alex blamed me for not bringing the ultimate fly eliminator. My G-Shock! Want to know more of its capabilities? Click here!

Lastly, Poison Ivy closes at 6.30pm so don't travel all the way there for dinner! 


  1. was laughing at how u described the curry! the menu looks interesting and more like SE Asian cuisine...but i dun understand the association with "warriors"

    1. It does look interesting! Guess we need encouragement from another friend (the other guy you met at Kek Lim) to try out new stuff. haha. actually i did with the banana curry, which turned out to be a bad choice. =_=.

      Hehe, the warriors might have something to do with the lady owner. Check out the history of Bollywood Veggies and take a trip down to the farm!


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