Saturday, June 01, 2013

Fried Kuih Lobak 蘿蔔糕 [Carrot Cake 菜頭粿 as Singaporeans know] - Jonker Street Food @ Melaka [Malaysia]

The thick and delicious waft of black carrot cake triggered an immediate craving when the Gang of Four was leisurely taking in the sights of the busy Jonker street at Malacca!

As veteran gluttons, it didn't take us long for our noses to pinpoint the exact location of the street stall. 

There wasn't a proper queue system but almost all the people you see surrounding the stall in the above photograph were patiently waiting for their carrot cake! 

My heart was beating very fast then; the mouth-watering aroma was already a winner in my heart and if the taste was as fantastic as the aroma, this would have a good chance of replacing my favourite carrot cake in Singapore.

After a wait of ten over minutes, i had my verdict. 

Mediocre! Yes, you read it correctly. The frying was not strong enough (resulting in a lacklustre wok hei) and instead of black sweet sauce that would definitely add to a more acceptable flavour, the plainer (and saltier) soy sauce was the one used. 

I was very, very disappointed. 


Near Geographer Cafe,
Jonker Street [Jalan Hang Jebat]


RM 3.50 with egg 


  1. OMG it's so difficult to find the salty carrot cake in SG. Definitely going try this if it's still there when I go over next week ^^

    1. Let me know if you like it! My preference has always skewed towards the sweet version!