Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Chinese Candied Fruits (冰糖葫蘆) @ Jonker Street [Malacca]

Jonker Street in Melaka had many food stalls but as in the case of hawker centres in Singapore; a limited stomach capacity and too many choices would eventually lead to automatic strategising. 

My strategy is easy; make your order only when there is a queue or crowd surrounding the stall or it has media write up plastered all over the place. More often than not, there is an 80% chance that the food would turn out decent. 

The remaining 20% is unfortunate (even though many can argue it as part and parcel of the pareto principle) and i had the bad luck to encounter one such supposedly popular stall recently in Malacca. Seriously, how bad can candied fruits be?

Nothing was wrong with the quality of the strawberries i had. The question should be posted to the sugared syrup that was supposed to solidify the fruits, resulting in a hard saccharine coating similar in flavour to malt candy! 

Effort, feeble in my opinion, was made to harden up the syrup by covering the stick of candied fruits in a box of ice for a few seconds. Best thing was when it started dripping syrup the moment i took the stick from the lady. =_=

I can bear with the stickiness that wrapped around my fingers and i can disregard a more liquefied syrup that would have deviated from what a candied fruit traditionally is. 

BUT, i just cannot stand the taste of the syrup; the sweetness was surprisingly complicated, as if there was an artificiality to it! 

Not exactly the best thought to have with all the food scare going on at the moment with the pearls in bubble tea. 


Along Jonker Street

RM 2.50 for a stick of candied strawberries. 

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