Monday, June 03, 2013

Taiwanese Sausage - Pan Fried Style @ Jonker Street [Malacca]

There was a period of time when i was super obsessed with grilled Taiwanese sausages and would intentionally buy one or two sticks every time i walked past a pasar malam. 

Those were the good old times when i don't gain weight as easily as now!

In usual circumstances, my mind would not have given this stall another look but this was different; the Taiwanese sausages were pan fried in a griddle filled with oil and boy do i love the piquant aroma! 

Furthermore, instead of having it plain, you can also choose to season your Taiwanese sausage with twelve various types of sauces or powder. I belong to the old school of thought; definitely plain for me.

Was it good? Good would be an understatement; it was sinfully oily, came with a nice crunch and complemented by a flavour that was way better than what i can get at the night markets in Singapore nowadays. 


Only at Jonker Street in Malacca, Malaysia!

RM 2.00 a stick. 

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