Sunday, June 23, 2013

S99 Seafood - A Truly Sandy Butter Crab @ Chong Pang [Yishun]

A promise was made to my mom a few YEARS ago to bring her to a reputable seafood place for dinner but it was delayed until last week because i took it for granted that it was just a 10-minute stroll from home! 

The lucky star was shining on me. The stall (which is a more appropriate term) had actually moved house and i was totally unaware about this until my mom happened to hear it from her friend. The communicative power of aunties can never be underestimated!

Anyway, it has been a while since i last posted an entry on Singapore food. Do sit back and enjoy the pictures! For those who are reading this late at night, don't blame me for activating your "craving" button. 

Sambal Kang Kong
One word would be sufficient to describe this; perfect! It had just the right amount of spiciness that tingled my taste buds without resulting in them being numbed to any other taste. Most importantly, how could i even resist those humongous pieces of crispy pork lard partially hidden in the green vegetables?!?! 

Si Chuan Fish Head
Featured on national television as one of the must-haves when you go to S99, the tender fish head was described as having a powerful infusion of chilli that was hot yet tastefully addictive. 

The fish meat was tender alright although i would attribute it to freshness rather than the absolute skill of the chef. The dish was surrounded with a crazily spicy aroma when served and you could see from the eyes of my mom and Joyce that they were expecting something extraordinary from the chilli. 

It was nothing amazing. Even i, a pretty weak chilli eater, found the spiciness to be too mild for my liking.

Hakka Beancurd 
I always find it hard to have a beancurd dish that has smooth, great tasting homemade beancurd perfectly complemented with an equally tasty sauce. It's often one way or the other. The above was the rare exception!

Beancurd Roll
This came strongly recommended by the waitress and did not disappoint despite my initial skepticism. The first surprise was when i saw the crispy outlook that was a far cry from the usual!

As i sank my teeth into the rectangular shaped roll, the second surprise set in; the interior paste was generously filled with prawns, rendering it much more delicious than other similar deep fried items. Note; this is not your conventional beancurd roll dish and lack that special flavour bestowed upon beancurd skin. Not that i am complaining.

Crab with Bee Hoon
Definitely not your typical crab beehoon served in a round claypot and filled up with milky white broth, this also came endorsed by the waitress even though in this case, we were sorely disappointed.

It could have performed much better separately. The bee hoon didn't manage to absorb the crab essence which would have made a big jump in differentiating itself from normal tze char bee hoon.

Golden Sand Butter Crab
As far as golden sand crab is concerned, this should be classified as the epitome for the sandy like texture that could have been mistaken for real sand sourced from the nearby Sembawang beach!

Crab was a bit small and contributed to meat that was too dry. Nothing beats having a big, juicy crab claw for true satisfaction.

Sandiness and size of crab aside, it was the sweet buttery flavour that got the whole family hooked! After we were done with the pathetic crustacean, it was simply whacking the yummy sand with plain white rice!


Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5,
#01-101 (Yummy 101 Coffeeshop)

Sambal Kang Kong - S$6
Si Chuan Fish Head - S$21
Hakka Beancurd - S$9
Beancurd Roll - S$10
Crab with Bee Hoon - S$36
Golden Sand Butter Crab - S$36

As above.

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