Saturday, June 08, 2013

Jonker Street (马六甲雞場街文化訪) & its Famous Night Market (Pasar Malam)! @ Melaka [Jalan Hang Jebat], Malaysia

Many blogs have covered Jonker Street extensively and i guess this popular Malaccan attraction would require no further introduction from me.

So, let's make life a little less stressful for me; by having it as a pictorial post!

As with every road, there's a beginning and there's an end. This would make the start of jonker street for which you would see a precariously mounted ship modelled after the treasure ship that Zheng He, the legendary eunuch who commandeered seven maritime expeditions six centuries ago, sailed in.

Official name of Jonker Street is Jalan Hang Jebat although the latter is rarely used by most commoners.

Some basic information; the night market is open from Friday to Sunday and during these busy nights; the street would be closed to motor vehicles. Please be careful with your belongings as my friend's sister was a victim of a pickpocket syndicate from Vietnam.

Befitting its area as a Peranakan district, you can find many vendors selling loads of Nyonya goodies including Nyonya dumplings; which were famed for their perfect combination of savouriness and sweetness!

A mix of random items for sale. Notice that classic typewriter? It was painful to use that for typing; you have to hit hard enough and there's no such thing called "undo".

Funny egg ice cream; despite the warm humid Malaccan night, i didn't feel an urge to buy any. Guess i would give the joke (since they are supposed to be funny) a try in September!

Ladies slippers - not that i am interested but at least it gives viewers like yourself a good sense of what are available in the night market.

Colourful nyonya kueh! Ms Tan could not resist the temptation and bought a few for us to try out. Hm... The taste of coconut was a tad too overwhelming. Oh well, this is only one of possibly hundreds of food stalls in Malacca selling traditional nyonya kueh!

Childhood favourites - malt sugar and ting ting candy! As these are high in sugar and commonly found in Singapore, we decided to save our stomach for other stuff.

Necklaces with their cute glittering pendants. I didn't check out the pricing although i am aware that in Shenzhen or Zhuhai (China), you can get one for less than S$2!

Souvenir magnets - i should have gotten one of those modelled after nyonya baju kebaya! This incident brings to mind what a friend told me; when you are so busy taking pictures, it's quite common to overlook the details. How true!

Leather key chains in the shape of dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs and doe-eyed sheep.

Clay earrings in the shape of flowers! I do have a ear stud and i doubt any of you would like to see me wearing these flamboyant earrings and strutting down the street.

I am amazed these products took so long to make their entry to this region as i was made aware of their existence six years ago in Yunnan, China.

Each porcelain (i think) fortune cat has a Chinese character. String them up to make up your name or a short blessing and give it to friends as meaningful gift.

Soft wire sculptures - they looked really cool.

Photographs of old Malacca which would likely attract more attention from my dad who uses such pictures to decorate his travel albums.

It was a Saturday and boy was it crowded! Having said that, the human traffic was pretty smooth and i didn't remember having to stop because of bottleneck crowding.

Kids' toys that require no batteries and cost merely RM 5.00 each!

Pouches - this kind of things should be cheaper in Bangkok, especially if you buy in bulk. Speaking of which, i have not been to the capital of Thailand for so long!!!! I used to target a yearly visit! :(

The Gang of Four had its first meal of chicken rice balls at Restoran Formosa. Click here for the review.

Nyonya curry powder. Thank god mom doesn't understand English; if she does, she would trawl through my blog and stopped every now and then to complain why i didn't get her this and why i didn't get her that.

Real flower accessories - good concept yet visually, i am not so sure that it would be a great success.

I think this should be the famous bite size durian balls. No craving that day so we gave it a miss.

Another street view of the night market.

Grateful that the weatherman didn't bring rain in both days i was at Malacca. I can imagine the chaos as sheltered areas were severely limited.

Flower teas that cost a fraction of what you pay for in Singapore! As i am typing this line, i am also sipping a glass of hot lemongrass bought from the same booth in the photograph.

Chinese herbal tea for those who need a drink to clear the heatiness that was a result of eating too much sinful food in Malacca!

Funny t-shirts - creativity needs further exploration here as the designs were way too dated. The Great Kon has had that exact same shirt on the KFC joke for a few years already!

Pan fried Taiwanese sausages! Click here to read more.

I thought they looked pretty. Sadly, they would not be suitable for both my sisters who are already in their thirties. By the way, the younger one is single and i am actively soliciting applications.

Waffle hotdog - yawnz... boring.

Many Caucasians would think these are chopsticks used for eating! Truth is, they are hair accessories for long haired ladies and used in replacement of hair bands.

Glow in the dark accessories which i found to be a bit too eerie looking.

Potato twisters! Even though i generally dislike potatoes, this is one unhealthy variant i don't mind digging in.

Cute sized clogs decorating the key holders.

Once again, i regretted not buying any of these magnetic cum clipped mini clogs! Ex colleagues from NUS Political Science office should vividly remember the amount of magnets i removed from my cubicle when i left! 

Hello kitty plushies - Jovyn's favourite cartoon character has now been replaced with another cat; the robotic feline from the future. Doraemon!

Classic night lights that would be a comforting sight for those constantly awakened by terrible nightmares. 

The pub stretch that runs perpendicular from Jonker Street. Look closer to the left side where you can find the renowned Geographer Cafe. 

Retailing in local foodstuffs, Gu Pong is one of a few located along the same street. The most famous one has to be the San Shu Gong situated right at the start of Jonker Street!

You would never catch me wearing these hideous wooden clogs. Unless i am donning the Japanese kimono for men! 

Lack of rubbish bins in the night market has contributed to blatant disposal of rubbish by visitors. It was frustrating for individuals like me who dislike littering! 

Oh~~~ the fragrance of carrot cake that unfortunately didn't translate into a great tasting supper. Check out my review at

Chicken bowls - so named because of the unique rooster imprint. If you have been following my postings on Malacca, you would have realised that the use of the chicken design in food establishments is pretty widespread. 

Dim sum at 10pm!? Not when the Gang of Four had eaten so much! A good example for "the mouth was willing yet the stomach wasn't".

Candied fruits - i was so disappointed with my order. Please click here for the post. 

A side street that led to even more food with tempting aromas! 

Temporary archway that was likely built for the Chinese new year celebration early this year. 

So tempting, so tempting. So full, so full. I wasn't kidding; these were the exact conversations i was having with myself in my head! I tried and yet i managed to gain almost three kilograms after the trip. 

3-D cards - who actually give cards out nowadays?! I am too lazy to do that although i have to admit it does feel nice to see a handwritten card in my post box. 

Inflatable bottles - they are convenient, light and use very little space. Problem is. they are difficult to clean and in the long run, would eventually be detrimental to our health.

Once you see this stage, it means you are reaching almost to the end of Jonker street. Notice the three footballers? I never know who is who since i am no big fan of football. However, i recognise Park Ji-Sung because of running man! 

As with most places, the last stretch towards the end is also the less crowded. Okay, time to walk back. 

Real wooden red clogs! Don't assume no one will buy them. My mom, for one, would love to get her feet in them if we are not living in a public apartment. 

I shall make a point to dine here the next time i am at Malacca; it's a great spot for people watching! 

Do walk into these permanent fixtures as they could offer something different from the street vendors. In addition, they are mostly air-conditioned.

At night, we have a high tendency to disregard the surroundings that act as a backdrop to the atmosphere. A day visit would show a lot more and you may have to wait a while longer for my entry.

Wah! Plastic masks that were the rage in my days! 

Earrings again. Look closer and you might be able to see a number of spider-inspired earrings that are so nice! Imagine walking in a shopping mall where girls started screaming you have a spider on your ear!

Name-carving - this seems to be very common in most Chinatowns around the world. For those who are unaware, Jonker Street is also known as the heart of Chinatown in Malacca. 

They can be found in Singapore too. An attractive lamp with two big disadvantages; its ability to trap dust particles and the subsequent difficulties in getting rid of them! 

With the prevalent use of electronic devices like mobile phones as alarms, i am not sure how many of us still continue to use these mechanical alarm clocks at home. 

Some vendors preferred to lay their wares on the floor, running the risks of exposing themselves as in the case of this man. haha

Pet clothing and accessories - in the past, i would still spend some time at the stall. Now that Rubee has passed away, it would simply be a moment of reminiscence of the good old times. 

What do you call these? Cardboard figurines? Interestingly, you cannot buy them off the rack and have to "build" them yourself. Ya lah, do-it-yourself kind of things. 

Eye-catching key chains and sign boards. 

We went back on the second night which was a Sunday. Compared to the previous day, the overall crowd was significantly reduced. 

Like Singapore, Taiwanese street food has also made its entrance in Malaysia even though i thought these are common pancakes sold in Mr Bean outlets. 

A number of regrets have been listed in this post, yet the biggest regret i have is not eating the smelly tofu from this shop located near the entrance of Jonker Street!! Sad sad sad. 

Given that it was our last night, we stayed at the pasar malam until very late to complete our purchases! Frankly, we could have been one of the last few groups.

I could even take a no-head, no-people shot of the traditionally Chinese designed building housing the Hokkien clan association in Melaka. 

For those who have never seen Jonker Street at night without much people. 

After more than 70 photographs (a record for this blog), i am finally concluding this post. Have a good night! 


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    is there opening on Sunday?

    1. i was there on 19 May; a Sunday and the night market was definitely open. However, it does close pretty early on a Sunday. By 11pm, almost all the stalls have cleared from the street.

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    An excellent blog entry! It is a treasure trove of information for someone like me who has not been to the Jonker Street Night Market, and is about to go! I am looking forward to the Night Market. Thanks for this detailed post.

    1. Thanks JK! Remember, everyone has a different opinion on things. Just relax and soak yourself in the local atmosphere. :)

  3. hv open at Friday ?

  4. Excellent blog I would say! Comprehensive enough to show what can buy at Jonker Street.
    By the way, where can find the classic night lights as I can't find it at Jonker Street.

    1. Thank you! eh..... if i remember correctly, i think it is near to the washroom where there is a bronze muscular statue. If you are walking from the main entrance (with the ship) towards the stage, the stall would be on your left.

  5. I would like to open up a food stall in jonker street.. Any idea how can i do that and whom should i refer to?

    1. Sorry but i wouldn't be of much help here. Was blogging as part of my travelling experience. :)

  6. Hi, would u know if night market is open during CNY 28-31 Jan 2017? Thks.

    1. Hallo! Not too sure but since most street vendors are Chinese and CNY is a major festival, i doubt it would be open.

  7. Hi May I know What the average time recommend to spent in jonker street?
    When is the peak and non-peak hour to go there?
    Doing some planning and wondering to go Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall or jonker street.
    Only free after 4pm - night, wondering if it possible to achieve.

    1. Hi!

      It really depends on what you want to do and whether pasar malam wares interest you. If you prefer to chill, people-watch, the best time is to go during peak hours at about 7-8pm.

      Some people made it a personal crusade to try all the cendol and that might take some time as queuing is inevitable. If not, to walk from one end to another along jonker street wouldn't take more than an hour.