Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Players Required for Scramble with Friends!

This entry should have been posted a long time ago before the Zynga-developed game gains momentum in the mobile application realm! However, late is better than never, especially for iPhone/Android users who have yet to install Scramble with Friends! 

At first glance, you might assume that this is word boggle. That's not far from the truth except that this app has incorporated Scrabble into its gameplay!

A total of three competitive rounds are required to complete this two-player game and the first one is played in exactly the same way as boogle. The second round features Double Word and Double Letter while the last one is the most exciting (and one that can help you generate a lot of points over your competitor) with Triple Word and Triple Letter!

If you manage to get very active players and the data network isn't crawling like a turtle, you will find this fast paced game incredibly entertaining. Unlike Scrabble, the two-minute game is hardly sufficient for you to plan out the words to use and speed is, therefore, of utmost importance!

Tokens are given every twenty minutes for you to buy 'power-ups' that would give you an competitive edge; freeze (to freeze the time), vision (find the three words and you will be given extra time), inspiration (gives you three words you have yet to find) and scramble (mix up the letters for a new perspective)! 

My favourite? Freeze!

I welcome challenges so please add me on facebook and start a new game using your Scramble with Friends app! For those who have not install the game, it's a free application on App Store! 


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