Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hainanese Curry Rice - The One with a Long Queue @ Beo Crescent [Near Tiong Bahru MRT Station]

Purpose: To bring Kon-Van for Bak Kut Teh at Ya Hua
Outcome: Ya Hua was closed!!! 

Since we were clueless on what to have (there were just too many places we could think of to have our lunch; Tiong Bahru market, our favourite char kway teow etc), the decision was abruptly made to drive into an unexplored area; Beo Crescent. 

It was not long before Kon's eyes caught sight of the long queue from this particular stall in a coffee shop! Knowing it was one of his favourite Hainanese Curry Rice; he immediately queued up and told us we would just 'try' it out. 

His definition of "try" was to order the above for each of us; the plate was practically overflowing with curry rice, fried egg, deep fried pork, curry cabbage and braised pork!!!! *shakes head* 

To add on to my 'misery', he could not help not ordering three extra side dishes! Mind you, i had just recovered from a 4-day fever!!! 

Now coming to my take on this popular curry rice. 

The curry gravy was light, not that spicy and most importantly, not overly heavy on the stomach. I enjoyed the crispy pork thingies (put it this way, i am all gear for deep fried stuff) and am generally neutral towards all the others. Kon-Van, the veterans of Hainanese curry rice, was however incredibly satisfied with everything and especially loved the braised pork. 

Listen to the healthy veterans. 

Side dishes wise, they performed better beyond my expectation, with the exception of the brinjal. That two portions of minced pork patties took the cake; juicy, moist and tasted exceptionally delicious! 

Van put it in a most fitting way; a very good pork bun [肉包] without the bun.  


Block 40, Beo Crescent.
[Look out for the above signboard 河濱園 and the queue]

As above
[Near Tiong Bahru MRT Station]

Kon paid S$23.80 for everything which seemed pretty reasonable given there were so much food!!! 

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