Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Spice Carrot Cake [好味萝卜糕] @ Pek Kio Food Centre

I have been missing black carrot cake deeply since one of my favourite stalls located in Yishun closed shop a couple of months ago! :(

Honestly, i have not been actively seeking out new vendor but the sight of a long queue and the sweet aroma of freshly fried carrot cake were too irresistible! I did what Singaporeans always do when it comes to supposedly good hawker food; join the queue.

The wait was twenty minutes and unlike the usual me, i ordered without any special instruction as i wanted to savour the original taste. 

More savoury without the sweetness commonly associated with black carrot cake; it seemed that the owner has replaced the dark sauce with soy sauce! Unique but definitely not the type i preferred although i have to mention that the stall was really generous with the eggs!


Blk 41A, Cambridge Road,
Pek Kio Food Centre

As Above [Red Star]

Even though the minimum was S$1.50 a plate, the order taker assumed i was asking for S$2.50 for reasons unknown. Nope, I didn't appear to be exceptionally hungry that day. 

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