Thursday, February 09, 2012

Singapore Cable Car Museum [Asia's First Cable Car Museum] @ Sentosa Island, Singapore

I chanced upon the Singapore Cable Car Museum purely by coincidence; dad wanted to use the washroom after alighting at Sentosa cable car station.

Honestly, i doubt many people know the existence of such an interesting museum in Singapore. Even wikipedia, the source for much unverifiable knowledge, doesn't provide any information on it!

With a history spanning almost 38 years, this little museum hosts memorable information on the only cable car system in Singapore. Sentosa Island back in the 1980s was very inaccessible with only two modes of transportation; ferry or cable car.

In the 1970s, it cost S$6.50 per adult for a two-way ticket from Mount Faber (MF) station to Sentosa (SEN) station via World Trade Centre (WTC - which is the current Harbourfront) station. Now, the same trip would set me back by S$26.00! Inflation sucks!

To the untrained eye, the cable car cabins appeared to have remained unchanged over the years until its last revamp. However, they have already reached the 4th generation known as jewel cable car cabin! The above is the first generation.

This is the second generation cabin which featured automatic doors.

Controls for the cable car station - obviously from the 70s or 80s computer technology.

Third generation cabin with design that had departed from the traditional box-shaped outline.

The world's only life sized cable car cabin made up of Lego blocks! With the opening of Legoland across the causeway, its proclamation is in jeopardy!

With the implementation of the 3rd generation cabin, Singapore also launched its very first luxury VIP cabin.

Compared to the wooden or metal seats, the leather upholstery of the VIP cabin looked extremely comfy! If you are in the mood, you may even utilised the inbuilt CD player for some classical music.

When Singaporeans, particularly those born before the 1980s, talk about cable car, there was one incident that frequently popped out in their conversation; the horrifying accident in 1983 where seven passengers were killed.

Unhappy incidents aside, you can also find memorabilia sold in Singapore Cable Car retail shops over 38 years. And if you wish to buy some souvenirs featuring the current generation cabin, a retail outlet is located right before you exit the museum!


Notwithstanding the short time we spent there (i was rushing for Sentosa Flowers 2012), this nostalgic visit still managed to jot many good old memories, especially for dad (whose first visit was before the birth of my elder sister)!

Enter Sentosa Cable Car station, turn left and walk all the way till you see a light of staircase going down. The cable car museum is located at the bottom of the staircase.

Free - no one checked for tickets when i was there.

Addition Information
For my daytime ride on Singapore cable car, please click HERE.

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