Monday, February 27, 2012

The Porridge King (Used to be at Katong) @ Upper Thomson Road [Near Nee Soon Camp]

I remember The Porridge King @ Katong with fond memories; that was the first time i realised porridge can have such an uniquely intense flavour so different from conventional congee.

And it's not just me; magazines, newspapers and even television programmes had given the thumbs up when the porridge king was in operation from year 2000 to 2003 along East Coast road.

After a long hiatus, the founder of The Porridge King (Alvin Koh aka the bodybuilder chef) has decided to set up its new home at old nee soon, which is merely a short ten minutes drive for me!

Featuring lavish crystal chandeliers, glaring red walls, comfortable velvety cushion chairs and classical black tables, the decor smells weirdly of English royalty even though the logo is obviously an emperor's attire.

Put it in another perspective; it could mean a fusion of both Eastern and Western cuisines.

Golden Orange Prawn Fritters
Food presentation is akin to the first impression for any job interview. For Cavin, strands of raw vegetables that serve no purpose are just redundant.

The deep fried prawns gave no surprise but it was the zesty sesame orange dip that played the key role here. Providing an alternative fruity sensation to the taste buds, it was actually quite refreshing.

Nasi Lemak Sushi Roll
A very localised dish served in Japanese style.

Regardless of the fact that i could have three plates of nasi lemak in my favourite stall for the same price, i did enjoy the feeling of having delicious nasi lemak (sambal chilli, ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber, rice cooked in coconut milk) in just one small bite!

Don't be deceived by the rice-like grains - they are actually pasta!

Supreme Century Egg Porridge
Cooked to a thick consistency (result of simmering over a low fire for more than five hours), this Cantonese style porridge was richer in the salted egg flavour that i dislike! I was expecting an optimal balance of salted and century eggs.

To be honest, i would have chosen Soon Lee porridge over this anytime although there are many others who are acceptable to the concentrated taste of salted egg.


906F Upper Thomson Road

Golden Orange Prawn Fritters - S$7.50
Nasi Lemak Sushi Roll - S$6.50
Supreme Century Egg Porridge - S$7.50
(Subject to Service Charge. No GST)

Click above. Kindly note that prices are subject to change!

Additional Information
Ice cold water in a mini glass pitcher is chargeable at S$0.50! Damn, i wasn't even notified on this extra charge until i checked the receipt while writing this post.

Parking is problematic as there is no public car park in the vicinity! Be prepared to park your car outside those private bungalows behind the shophouses -if you can find an available space.

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