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Workers Party Rally (for General Election 2011) @ Yishun Stadium

So many articles are available on the great world wide web that i don't see any need to come up with a personal post purely on the election. As with anything else, nothing's perfect.

It's your choice. It's your vote.
You decide for yourself.

Coming back to the election rally; the first in my thirty one years of age! I thought i should attend this since the Workers Party is competing in my constituency against People's Action Party (PAP) and the official media has always been seen as skewing its opinions positively towards the ruling party.

Here it goes for this pictorial post!

Singaporean's favourite past time is never neglected in times like this. Make-shift stalls selling muah chee, fish balls, ice cream and drinks were doing a roaring business.

Though i reached on time (slightly before 7pm) to find all the spectators seats taken up, i was pretty dismayed that the green field holding the main stage was merely 10% full.

Residents were seated around the perimeter known as the jogging track and looked hesitant to proceed forward. Guess the grass was too wet for their shoes' comfort!

Main stage for the speakers. The Workers Party's tagline for this election; "Towards a First World Parliament" in four different languages.

Party supporters, many of them holding the party's flag, were waiting patiently for the rally to begin.

Members of the party arrived at around 7.10pm.

Since Workers Party's logo is a hammer, i guess it should not be surprising to find the loyalists holding on to these inflatable toy hammers!

Loudspeakers that i personally felt to be too few. When i was seated at the main spectators' area, i could barely make out what the speakers were saying. I could be having hearing loss though. Haha.

Throngs of residents started marching in at around 7.20pm and i know it's time for me to climb up to the twelve storey of the housing block next to the stadium.

Like-minded individuals had already reserved the best stops! Hm.... early bird eats the worm!

A bird's eye view really makes you look at things in a different perspective! A huge crowd had descended on Yishun Stadium. An assembly not even possible during the S-League!

Granted the field was only 60% full, i thought the turnout was pretty good given how apathetic we usually are when it comes to politics.

The enthusiastic audience peppered the rally with their flags waving, cheering, clapping, laughing, booing and answers of "yes", "no", "workers party, workers party..."!

Spectators continued to stream in from the side entrance! More to come! Time for me to go down and meet up with my preggy sister and brother in law.

Close-up pictures like this show so much more than an aerial view.

With handphones considered as a basic necessity in Singapore, cameras on phones have made it damn convenient for anyone to take pictures and upload them to facebook, blogger and twitter.

This eye-catching structure must have been the idea of a strong supporter!

"Correction" was what the two Chinese characters sound like. But the use of politics in the second character implies that political correction is what this man has in mind.

The crowd swelled up at around 8.30pm and i believe this sport arena was at least 80-90% occupied by then.

A more expansive view of the crowd as taken from my Panasonic Lumix - the camera that started my interest in basic photography.

Front audience was more responsive. Totally expected for party supporters! Speaker was Ah Poh - he seems to be very popular amongst Yishun resident.

Those at the back - common citizens like you and i were there to purely listen to what Workers Party can offer us, offer to our contested Nee Soon GRC and offer to the country. It's as simple as that.

Some citizens prefer to hear the rally from outside the stadium!

Low Thia Khiang! You hear the loudest cheers and applause for him. For an opposition seat to remain unbeatable for the last twenty years despite the many carrots dangled by PAP, this man must be SOMEBODY.

The rally ended at roughly 10pm after speeches by Low Thia Khiang and my favourite Sylvia Lim! Love the way she handled questions at the forum organised by NUS Political Science Alumni Association.

Thousands over people scrambling to get out of the stadium! I have no patience for such stuff and preferred to sit around and take some pictures etc.

This was funny! Translated to English - Are you afraid of the black (in Chinese, that means dark)? There's nothing to fear for the black (dark as mentioned). White (official color for PAP) is even scarier. Wahaha. Dig this kind of stuff.

A nice touch of creativity for using traffic fines to illustrate issues but i found it to be too nonsensical! The political correction one was way better; short and sweet!

Before i end this post, i would like to emphasise that whichever party we vote for, whether it's PAP, WP, NSP, RP, SDP etc, we are united as one - Singaporeans.

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