Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunning under the Sun!

When you wake up to a clear blue sky with glaring sunlight on a lazy Saturday morning, what will you do? Go back to sleep? Take a piss? Brew a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunny weather?

Not for me!

Provided i am not too tired, i will behave exactly like the above household; dump my drool covered bed/pillow/bolster covers into the washing machine and sun them together with my smelly blankets and portable mattress!!

Everything will be and shall be perfect.
If you have considerate neighbours residing above you!

Imagine a scenario when your laundry is about to dry with that inviting smell of crispy-freshness slowly seeping out. The next moment you check it, the supposedly dry laundry has been splattered with big dots of water!

Look above and you can typically find the culprit in super duper wet clothes that unfortunately are made of feeble materials that could not withstand spin-drying!!

Frustrating indeed!!!!!
Hm..... maybe i should invest in a dryer.

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