Saturday, May 07, 2011

Polling Station (Singapore General Election 2011)

Another eight more hours and i can, once again, cast my prestigious, once-in-every-five-years vote to select the political party to govern my united (finally) neighbourhood.

Similar to five years ago, i was again assigned to the polling station at Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, which is basically a stone's throw away! Okay, i might have to throw really hard as this school is still roughly 200 meters away.

Joyce (my preggy sister) is luckier!!!!! The above polling station was set up right under her block, mere steps from the lift lobby!!!! Kaoz... She can practically cast her vote in fewer than 50 steps!

Since cameras are strictly prohibited in the polling stations, the rebel in me could not resist the temptation of taking pictures from the OUTSIDE.

But hor, i didn't dare to go too near.
A policeman was jaga-ing on the side!

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