Monday, May 30, 2011

Nature Spot - Kingfisher in NUS

The green view dotted with gigantic, huge ass trees right in front of my office was always cited by me as a possible area to build a new block of office to replace the ageing, no lift-access one i am assigned to.

Before i am hurt with rocks thrown by nature lovers, i meant it as a harmless joke! A nature lover myself, i know humans are the real intruders and wild animals are merely the unfortunate victims.

The above reflects one main reason why i will prefer the green area to remain as it is. No lah!! Not the money!!! It's that beautiful blue-white creature avian on the S$10 Singapore bird series currency!

Since i joined this department, i was captivated by these two kingfishers that always stopped by my office. Within a short while, i can accurately pinpoint their grand arrival by that distinctive shrieking chirp they made.

It may take a while for me to spot them amid the numerous leaves that make up the majestic crown of this group of trees but the feeling of seeing them ALIVE is always so heartwarming (Cavin is such a loving person)!

They went missing for a long period of time and i remember how sad i was when i chanced upon the dead carcass of a kingfisher - i am not sure if it was the same one that frequented my office. They all look the same!

Anyway, it was with happiness when i heard that familiar playful chirping once again recently! Oh, there it was; standing on a tree branch far far away and calling for its mate.

Nature is sometimes best observed from an non-invasive distance.

Don' you think so?

Treasure nature in Singapore; it is surprisingly in abundance in such a tiny nation we proudly call home.

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  1. PornFairy1:33 PM

    Soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee


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