Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Nikon D5000 is Sick!!

As the subject goes, my beloved D5000 is currently in the good care of the technicians in Nikon Service Centre. A checkup was deemed to be necessary after the flash stopped working and the warranty is expiring this June!

My companion every single day; tucked comfortably (and conveniently) in my brown backpack, this lack of presence means i would be without my DSLR for around two weeks. Yes, two bloody weeks!!! You can imagine my eyes popping out when i heard this long service time from the service staff!

Anyway, i shall make do with pictures taken over the last four to five years and test my memory on how much i really remember.

For one, i don't think i have blogged in detail on my unforgettable China trip to Yunnan (with special reference to Dali and Lijiang)!

I can also touch on my mom's delicious home cooked meals! Many of you who have came to my house and eaten the food my maid mom whipped up should have memorable thoughts on them.

Tyersall Mansion near Botanic Gardens
Besides food, one category that has always been popular in this blog is supernatural. Pictures were taken in a few of my haunting expeditions but unfortunately, i am totally not satisfied with their quality.

Hm..... maybe i should go for another exploration trip to showcase unique tombstones in century-old cemeteries.

That, should be interesting.

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