Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enjoying The Herbal Bak Ku Teh (肉骨茶) @ Leong Kee Klang Bak Ku Teh [梁记(巴生)肉骨茶]

Lovers of Bak Ku Teh (肉骨茶) are always split when it comes their preferences for the best Bak Ku Teh; Singapore versus Malaysia. The arguments can get really political, aggressive and at times, personal.

Not that i am keen to be drawn to this long standing debate but i personally prefer the herbal bak ku teh (aka Malaysia's style) versus the pepper bak ku teh (Singapore's style). No detailed reason as it is, like what i mentioned, a simple preference.

Therefore, when the Gang of Four walked past this herbal scented shop that proudly proclaims its Klang origin (the place in Malaysia that is famous for its bak ku teh) and sells nothing but bak ku teh, we had to make a temporary stop.

Business should be good enough for them to take over the shop next door for additional dining space! Fingers crossed though just in case. It's always good to have lower expectations than higher ones.

Contrary to most Bak Ku Teh (BKT) in Singapore that are cooked in a big pot and served in porcelain/plastic bowls, the ones in Leong Kee are dished out in scalding hot claypots.

Insane order after a full meal at a Swedish cafe: two claypots filled with BKT and two extra sides for two persons!

Pork Ribs Bak Ku Teh (Original)
I am just going to touch on one because the other was filled with disgusting internal organs. Gosh, who can even stomach stuff like that!? Definitely not me!

Five pieces of tender pork ribs were 'found' and i was satisfied with the herbal infusion. The meat easily fell off the bones, making them easier to be devoured!

Soup is of pertinent importance to any BKT! As you can see, herbal BKT is usually darker in colour than the peppery version. Taste wise, it tasted strong in the sweet herbal aspect although the feeling it gave was contradictory thin. It's only upon the addition of soy sauce that the taste became marginally better!

One and only complaint i had was on the thick residue lying at the bottom of the claypot!

Braised Tau Pok (豆薄)
No like. It's like fried beancurd in soy sauce. Give me deep fried smelly tofu anytime!

Salted Vegetables
My desired style must be salty (obviously), sweet and crunchy. This one in Leong Kee only met the first criterion. Need i say more? :P


Shall be back when weather in Singapore turns cooler!

321, Beach Road.
(Corner Shop bordering Sultan Gate and Beach Road)

Pork Ribs BKT - S$5.50 each
Braised Tau Pok - S$0.50 per pax
Salted Vegetables - S$0.50 per pax

No GST and no Service Charge

Additional Information
For my review on Singapore's very own Founder Bak Ku Teh, please click the following link;

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