Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Coffee Nations @ Bali Lane (Near Haji Lane and Bugis)

After that drenched-with-perspiration walk at Haji Lane, we finally reached our destination; sandwiched in between the shop houses at Bali Lane.

The Coffee Nations, as the name implies, sells a whole lot of coffee beverages from countries all over the world! Okay, it might not have all 194 different varieties but it's wide enough for the moment.

Like many cafes, food is also available and how could i resist not buying anything? Besides, i was really hungry after the walk under the hot sun. Comfort food was therefore deemed to be freaking necessary!!

Potato Salad
This tasted as good as Kon's homemade cold potato salad! Nonetheless, there's a key difference; the one in coffee nations was not as well-mashed though it may not be a bad thing.

Nacho Cheese Fries
For one, when given a choice between crinkle, fat and thin fries, the fat ones are always the least desirable. Although the cheese was really strong (helped no less by the sprinkles of cheddar cheese), deep in my heart, i know i will always prefer KFC cheese fries!

Calamari Fritto
Fried squid is a different story; it must be chunky thick (aka fat) and this one didn't disappoint.

The seasoning was initially thought to be a little too light. For unknown reasons, the taste grew on us and eventually our fingers could not keep away from this dish! It could do with a longer fry for a crispier bite but as a whole, this was one of the best deep fried calamari i have.

Hawaiian Chicken
Chef recommended (as indicated by the little chef hat on the menu), the undecided us finally agreed to have this. We can always blame the cook if it's not up to our expectation!

Looking tempting enough, the ham was unfortunately too tough, the grilled pineapple was too sweet and the supposedly tangy BBQ sauce was firstly thought to be pretty refreshing but eventually turned out to be too overpowering.

The use of chicken thigh was appropriate as the juiciness is usually guaranteed. Maybe what we need to do is to scrap away most of that tangy sauce i stupidly thought was tomato sauce!

Milan Ice Coffee
A dash of mint leaves separated this glass from a typical cup of ice coffee - and likely the reason to be accorded the "Milan" title. After complaining how plain it was, we realised we did not stir long enough!!

Hazelnut Caffe Latte
Comparable to many cafes serving such drinks.

Ice Blackforest
As strangely mentioned on the menu, it did feel like i was drinking a slice of blackforest cake!


I will go back again to try other nation's coffee; like honey cafe con leche (Spain), Rome holiday coffee (Italy) etc etc

No 17, Bali Lane
(Nearest MRT Station: Bugis)

Opening Hours
Look above!

Potato Salad - S$5.50
Nacho Cheese Fries - S$5.90
Calamari Fritto - S$8.80
Hawaiian Chicken - S$14.90
Milan Ice Coffee - S$6.90
Hazelnut Caffe Latte - S$5.90
Ice Blackforest - S$6.90

Subject to Service Charge

Additional Information
Main seating area is on the second floor and judging from the weather recently, this air-conditioned level is strongly recommended to prevent any potential heat stroke!

It would be nice to have a cuppa of hot coffee and a good novel to spend a lazy afternoon... Sighz, it's been a long time since i last touched a book.

Board games are readily available for all patrons! Great for group gatherings but definitely not conducive for a loner who just wanted to drink and read!

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