Friday, March 11, 2011

The Rojak Stall With a Long Queue @ Soon Heng Rojak, Toa Payoh Central

One of the comments i received for my entry on Singapore Famous Rojak in Albert Centre was that i should try the famous rojak stall located in HDB Hub, Toa Payoh!

Singaporeans know the following saying by heart; a stall with queue means that the food is either dirt cheap or super marvelicious! With a queue comprising of at least 10 persons throughout the half an hour i was there, it was indeed intriguing as the stall sells nothing but only Chinese rojak (啰喏)!

A 15-minute queue was timed at Soon Heng and i though this was pretty manageable. Of course, the fact that Alex was the one who joined the chain of humans does have a certain bearing on my perception.

Basically, this plate of rojak looked picture perfect; ingredients well mixed with the smelly prawn paste and topped with heaps of coarse peanut bits!

Okay, maybe too over with the peanuts. Humans with goober allergy will definitely have a cardiac arrest just looking at the generous serving!

Love the lightly toasted you tiao (cullers) that had a slight crunchy surface yet managed to maintain a soft and gently moist centre. Nowadays, i usually get youtiao that are out to crack my enamel-deficient teeth or pieces that are soggy like wet cotton buds!

Unusually, the youtiao actually paled in comparison to the slices of fresh cucumbers, turnips and pineapples. Freshness aside, i believe the vegetables were chilled to have that irresistible cool crunch!


480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #B1-23,
Gourmet Paradise Food Court,
HDB Hub Toa Payoh

Additional Information
Mum tried this once when her colleague take-away a pack. Her taste buds then didn't understand what was the big deal about this rojak - until she tried it personally this time.

Slurrping the leftover peanuts with prawn paste gravy is too sinful! Waste them not by buying a small snack (tofu, bun etc) from other stalls to dip in!

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